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Discussion in 'General Technical' started by jbear, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Feb 23, 2008
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    Hi...not sure if this is the right place (it's actually a W7 computer), but I've exhausted my avenues and I've gotten some really valuable advice here.. Feel free to redirect me somewhere goes...
    I can't Send Emails from Yahoo mail after SPAM sent from my acct. last night.
    My email sent this:
    "this reminded me of you"
    to everyone in my address book. Now I can receive emails but I can't send them. I just get a message that says,"Your message cannot be sent...retry"
    Everything else in the account is accessible.
    I changed my password what? Is this temporary?
    Interestingly...I can send from my phone...same account.
    I am wondering if Yahoo locked the send feature temporarily due to the SPAM activity?
    Thanks all!
    jbear, Jan 29, 2013
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