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Discussion in 'Sidebar & GUI Customization' started by Cammygirl192, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    A few Visual Styles for Windows Vista I am share with you.
    You will require to patch uxtheme.dll to use these or will not work. There are tools available on the Internet to automatically patch base your specific Service Pack.

    OS X Style
    Created in 2009 this mimics the OS X style for Vista. If you like both interfaces, you may want give this a try.
    Clearscreen Round
    Reminiscent of Zune theme for Windows XP, but looks sleeker. A good theme you can try.
    A simple brown-beige coloured theme which has an effective look.

    If you can recommend all more or wish to asking a question, please say!
    Cammygirl192, Mar 20, 2016
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