Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0

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    What's New in 2.0<UL><LI>Reporting on up to 25,000 workstation on a single run <LI>Reporting on Office 2007 capabilities <LI>Selective Active DirectoryScanning (ability to select certain Domains/OUs) <LI>Text file import of computer names</LI>[/list]

    Requirements<UL><LI>Admin rights on local workstation <LI>Admin rights on remote workstation <LI>Account with rights to Active Directory domain where computers are located <LI>Ports 135 and 139 open on remote workstation <LI>SQL MSDE 2005</LI>[/list]


    The installation is straight forward and easy. After downloading the WVHA setup,it willguide you through the installation steps via ashort wizard. As part of the install you will need to download and installSQL MSDE 2005 SP2, or point to an existing download of SQL. The installation will create a local instance of SQL used for storing thecollected information.


    Running the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment tool

    The first time you run the hardware assessment tool you will need to create a database, subsequent reports can use this existing database, oryou can create anew one created if reporting for different purposes.[​IMG]

    Create a new database


    Select the actions you wish to perform


    Select how you want to generate the list of computers. You can use a number of discovery methods including Active Directory, a file you have created, or manually entering individual computers.


    Preparing reports

    <A href="
    Jason, Jul 20, 2007
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