Windows Vista Build 5365 Tips & Tricks

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    <SPAN class=view_article_content>Instructions:</SPAN><SPAN class=view_article_content>Show network activity on the taskbar

    By default, Windows Vista shows a networking icon in your system tray. A much requested feature since this icon was added in its ?Vista form? was that it should show network activity (the blinking lights, much like in previous Windows versions). Well, in this build, it is possible!

    Simply right click on the network icon in the notification area, and then click ?Turn on activity animation?.

    Disable Security Center Alerts
    If you are nagged by the Security Center alerts in Windows Vista because you do not have a compatible anti-virus software installed, you may want to disable the alert. Open the Security Center, and click the ?Recommendations? button under Anti Virus protection. In the dialog that appears, click on ?I have an anti virus program that I will monitor myself?, and if prompted, click Continue.

    If you want to completely disable the Security Center notifications, in the Security Center window under the left hand task pane, click ?Turn off Security Center alerts?

    Stop SearchIndexer.exe from annoying you frequently crashing
    If SearchIndexer.exe is crashing left, right, center, and 6 ways to Sunday on your machine, you might want to kill it off after reporting a bug or two about it, but if it is behaving I do recommend leaving it alone for testing purposes.

    Configure the Weather gadget
    When you first add the Weather gadget to the Windows Sidebar you may be prompted with a notice saying ?The weather service is currently unavailable?. This is because the location for the weather has not been set. Click on the Settings button (little check mark) or right click on the gadget and then click Settings. Type in your location and press the Search button. Once it has found a suitable location, double click on it. The gadget will then pull down the weather data for your location.

    Disable You have files ready to be burned to a disc popup Toggle User Account Control (On/Off)
    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. 2. Click ?System and Maintenance? 3. Scroll down and click ?Administrative Tools?. 4. Double click on ?System Configuration?. 5. If prompted to launch the System Configuration Utility, click ?Continue?. 6. In the System Configuration window, click on the ?Tools? tab. 7. Select either ?Disable UAP? or ?Enable UAP? from the list and click Launch. You will need to restart the computer for this to take effect.</STYLE>

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    Jason, Apr 28, 2006
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