Windows Activation in "reduced functionality mode"

Discussion in 'Main Lounge' started by kristina_f_1, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. kristina_f_1


    Oct 13, 2007
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    <DIV class="mb cb fontsize2 " id=body><DIV id=inbdy><A name=msg_5d1993176d896318></A>:w00t:I recently purchased the Windows Vista software . Once I completed the
    installation I thought I was good to go. Well I moved across state and
    finally unpacked my computer.... I turned it on and I was informed
    that windows has enabled reduced functionality on my os....ok so how
    the hell do i "Go to the start menu" to activate my copy of windows if
    my OS is gone ... all I have access to right now is internet.....
    Sorry about the frustration its just bad timing for this activation
    and validation crap....Im so thankful for any response I need your
    help ...thanks :w00t:</DIV><BR style="FONT-SIZE: 8px" clear=all></DIV>
    kristina_f_1, Oct 13, 2007
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  2. kristina_f_1


    Feb 20, 2007
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    That's why it leaves you with internet acces for up to an hour so you can go to MS website and have it verified and activated or buy a license if you have been a victim of piracy, even having bought a copy depending on where it was from doesn't always mean it's a genuine copy.
    cyclic, Oct 14, 2007
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