Whoops... "tweaked" my control panel away

Discussion in 'General Technical' started by navieko, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. navieko


    Apr 21, 2007
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    Hi guys,

    Recently installed windows vista after having a major software problem on XP. I wasn't sure if my computer would be able to handle vista very well, but my brother insisted so I went ahead. Well.. after all was done, it wasn't TOO bad. A bit sloppy... what I'd expect having a hardware rating of 2.0

    Anyways, so I searched the net for pretty much a forum like this so I could enhance the performance of vista as much as possible. So I went through the first thread (sticky), "Vista Tweak Compilation". Whatever I felt would help the performance I done. Including the "un-needed services guide" guide 1 and 2.

    Well... after going through the thread and restarting, I came to find that I can no longer successfully load control panel. Everytime I open it, the blank (see through) window will come up, tries loading for about 5 seconds - than it closes. Obviously I'm no computer expert, but I suspect it would of msot likely been one of the services/processes that I disabled. I did read each one carefully before I disabled, and I certainly don't remember reading anything that would harm the control panel... so I got no idea what it I did. [BigGrin]
    navieko, Apr 21, 2007
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  2. navieko


    Feb 20, 2007
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    You should never disable services unless you are absolutely certain of what will happen as a result, you might end up with an unbootable system, good news is that recovering from this position is easy.

    Go back to services.msc and for all those you disabled change them to manual and reboot, now things will work only starting when required which can make things sluggish so when you've plenty of time to spare, back to the services and disable say 3, reboot see what's changed continue in this vain until something won't work properly at least then you know it's only 1 out of 3 possibles, get those back manual and do the rest of the list of recommended settings for your OS.

    Many services will, if system critical, prevent you from stopping them or disabling them, it's always best to stop the service before changing it's start up mode, you will get a warning if critical that it cannot be turned off, the control panel is not a 'critical' sevice in this respect but setting it to manual means it wont fire up the service in the back ground but will start whenever you click a CP icon.

    Getting the services absolutely right for you configuration will take some time and a good deal of changing things, you might find that one particular service is only used occasionally and you wont know straight off if disabling it causes a problem, take the service 'BITS' for example is only used for Windows update, (background intelligent transfer) so if you set update to auto and disable BITS you wont know about the problem until update tells you that the BITS service isn't running, but at least you know which one to reinstate cos it gives you a clicky thing to put it right from the message.

    However having typed all that the easiest way to deal with this without any problems is look how much RAM is being used when the system is idle, say it's 545 Mb, if you have 1Gb of RAM there's very little left for a system like Vista to run things even trimming down services you wont save a terrific amount, with RAM at fairly cheap prices, or SDram, even an extra 512Mb module slotted in will take the strain of all the core services and you'll be relieved from the task of sorting through them all and the whole system will be far more responsive, and that's a promise.
    cyclic, Apr 21, 2007
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