vLite 0.95 (Beta) - Customize your vista installation

Discussion in 'Main Lounge' started by Jason, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Sep 26, 2005
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    <SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 9pt">vLite, currently in beta,is a free software for customizing the Windows Vista installation. The idea is that Windows Vista installs everything by default, some unneccesary. And so, this tool lets you pick ONLY the components that you require. The end result is a smaller installation size, lower resource usage post-installationand a faster operating system.

    What you can do with vLite:
    - remove components
    - integrate drivers
    - split/merge Vista installation discs
    - apply tweaks
    - make bootable CD/DVD

    The only drawback is that you have to recompile the installation disc ISO, burn it onto a CD/DVD and reinstall with your customizations.</SPAN><P align=center>
    <EMBED src= width=425 height=350 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode="transparent"></EMBED>
    <SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 9pt; TEXT-DECORATION: none">vLite Installation Video from a happy user</SPAN>
    Jason, Jun 29, 2007
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