Vista Ultimate installation problems

Discussion in 'Main Lounge' started by casawaikiki, Feb 4, 2007.

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    Feb 4, 2007
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    I just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my laptop. I have a Toshiba Satellite Intel Centrino with dual processor and 1G of ram. So nothing Vista should have too many problems with. What is my computer still level? I have owned about 7 computers in my life. I can do pretty much everything but programming. I'm not a computer nerd, but I'm smarter than any of my friends when it comes to computers. I'm not trying to be technical here, only speaking in layman's language.

    The upgrade took about 2 hours. I installed it on top of Windows XP so I could keep all my files and settings. Everything seemed to go smooth. I did the Advisor before hand and deleted the programs that Vista said were not compatible. The advisor had no big issues. I logged on and found out my antivirus from Computer Associates no longer works. I am trying to figure it out. I've tried to do a complete uninstall of my antivirus but it would not accept it. So I did a reinstall but still no luck with the latest program from Computer Associates website. The website says there are issues to still be resolved. I can tell something is really messed up. So I will figure it out later.

    Also have a few drivers not working. Nothing seems to affect the computer now though. I guess I will find out later when I actually use the drivers in question. I did restart once and it immediately told me I had a driver problem. I clicked cancel and it popped up again. I click cancel and it popped up again... it did it 4 times! So that was kinda irritating. The drive was from Sonic. I'll find out if I need it later. It doesn't affect my computer use now.

    Also Windows Defender is a part of Vista so it found a way to block all my network connections with my family computers. Spent a hour trying to fix it but just decided to turn it off so I can make network connections.

    And I did the Windows update. It said I needed 8 critical updates and 12 optional updates. This is a mess. I downloaded the updates and half of them failed. Did it again, and still can't install half of them. And doing some of the language updates took forever! I left my computer on at night and they still were not done in the morning, so big problem here. So I'll ignore these updates for now.

    As for the computer... everything works the same. I don't see any increase in speed as everyone talked about. I don't see any quicker start up. Same.. have to wait. To be honest... I see no improvement. Why did I spend $340? I will probably end up doing a clean install because so far.. only the upgrade sucks!

    Well, the computer does move smoother... thats the only improvement I see. I tried to do the photo gallery because Microsoft bragged about it so much, but when I went there and told it to browse my photo folders... it said it will slow down my computer a bunch while it brings them to the Photo Gallery? I'm not sure what it was doing, but I didn't have time to wait for it to display all my photos, which are in the thousands. It felt like it was moving them! The old windows exployer is much faster and easier to work with. Maybe I'll learn the tricks on how to use the photo gallery later since I paid big bucks for it!

    End result. Not worth the money. I have other computers in my home I wanted to upgrade too. Microsoft has a family plan that allows any Ultimate owner to buy 2 additional keys for $49 each. That is the main reason I got the expensive Vista Ultimate. But for the improvement I see now that I've had Windows Vista for about 15 hours.... it is not worth it.

    My only other option is to do a clean install and start from scratch. Then I can see if that is the best way to use Vista. ...... not happy! I guess I'll do that later today because I'm getting tired of trying to patch this thing up.

    I'm certain tomorrow will be a better day!
    casawaikiki, Feb 4, 2007
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