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    Hello, you can call me a “newbie” or an “Olde Farte”. I don't mind.

    This “post” or opinion is actually about Windows Vista Starter but please bear with me while I ramble on for a bit.

    Been mucking around with PC's since about 1980 when the Z80 (Zilog) chip was king. Programs loaded from cassette tape and all that. Various versions of BASIC and if one was serious, CP/M. TV screen as the monitor but we all thought it was all “high tech” way back then. 8Kb of memory was huge before the Commodore Vic 20 and the 64 and the Amstrad's came out.

    Then the first “real” PC's came out with the 8088 chip. DOS 1 up to DOS 6.21. (I still think DOS 5 was the best). Then Windows 1 and up to Windows 8.1. And a few OS's Microsoft never finished or released like Windows Neptune.

    Two PC's in our home. The 64 bit “800 pound gorilla”, multi-core, RAM coming out your ears, top line 3D video card, the lot. My wife uses that one mainly.

    I used a hand built P-3 from some bits I had and/or found thrown out as rubbish. Finally it ended up as a 1.2Mhz Celeron with 512 Mb RAM. Fairy weak even 10 years ago but it ran XP ok if a bit slow.

    Bought a Dell Optiplex GX270. 3Mhz processor (P-4) but 1 Mb RAM. Ran XP very well. Even ran Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc on the Linux front. But, Linux still has a poor selection of software so back to Windows. XP, becoming very, “flakey”.(I wonder why, Microsoft). Ran Vista Home Basic for a while, not bad, but.

    And, found a Vista Starter CD still in the original cover, product key, the lot. So, change hard disks and install. Vista Starter will not recognise RAM over 1MB. That problem solved straight away. No hunting down RAM chips from 2004. Disabled or set to manual all unnecessary services. Changed the desktop and set options for best performance. Cut the RAM overhead from the basic install from over 512Mb or more to just under 300Mb. (With Panda Cloud anti-virus running). Vista Starter recognises or finds all necessary drivers (except Hewlett Packard).

    In all, Vista Starter for a 2004 PC (with a healthy dose of CPU power) runs as fast as Windows 7 Home Premium on the “800 pound gorilla”.

    Don't dismiss Vista Starter because of the negative opinions about it being, “crippled”, it certainly is not. OK, limited to running three apps at a time. Who, as a home user has three apps open at a time anyway. OK, the watermark at the lower left of the screen. (which can be removed but is a dangerous process).

    If you have an old PC gathering dust somewhere, try it with Vista Starter and go to all the sites to learn which services to disable or set to manual. And, I do run Vista Starter in 1440 x 900 32 bit true colour mode. Vista Starter is certainly not limited to 800 x 600.

    Oh, if anyone has a Dell Optiplex GX270 (the large case model) they run hot hot hot. I removed the cover for an expansion card and the card (API for a graphics card) and there was room to put in a 6 inch power pack fan (a quiet one) right over the heat sink and the side flow of cool air goes through the CPU cooling fins. The CPU temperature before this modification hit nearly 80 deg Cel. Now the constant CPU temperature stays between 46 to 50 deg Cel.

    To finish off, don't consider Vista Starter to be a lame duck. It is certainly not given a bit of tweaking.

    Cheers to all at Vista Forums,

    “Olde Farte”.
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    Olde Farte, Jul 30, 2014
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