Vista machine "can't access printer" on XP network

Discussion in 'Networking & Internet' started by sf44, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. sf44


    Mar 18, 2008
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    For a couple of years we've been running a wireless home network using several XP machines. One of these drives a LaserJet 4250 via LPT1. Our other XP machines can use the LaserJet with no problems.

    We recently added a Toshiba Satellite running Vista. It *does* network, at least is able to transfer files wirelessly, and to read the Shared Docs folder on the XP computers. (The XP computers can read the Vista computer's Public folders as well.) And the Vista machine *shows* the shared LJ printer in its printer list. But when we try to print to the LJ we get an error msg saying "Windows cannot connect to the printer--access denied."

    I've installed the Link-level update on the XP machine, but no help. Have installed the latest HP "Universal Driver" on both the XP and Vista machines--no help. And have tried 20-odd combinations of "Add printer" installs suggested on various forums--local and network, using existing or new ports. Firewalls are standard Windoze, with all printer and file sharing enabled, on both machines.

    Because the other XP machines have been able to wirelessly use the LJet I'm pretty confident that validates the XP end. I'm much less confident about the Vista end, and given the number of no-works and crashes reported in all the Vista forums I suspect there's some hidden setting in Vista that I just haven't heard about.

    Anyone have a similar problem? Any ideas on a fix?
    sf44, Mar 18, 2008
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  2. sf44


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Did you install the network printer on the Vista machine? Or are you only trying to print to it across the network?

    If you didn't install it, then do the following:

    1.) Verify that File and Print sharing is turned on and properly configured

    on the XP machine.

    2.) Locate and notate the Win XP computer name (i.e. "Desktop") (Found in

    System Properties in the Computer Name tab)

    3.) Locate and notate the printer share name on the XP computer (i.e.

    "Printer") (Found under the Sharing tab on the Printer Properties page)

    4.) On the Vista machine launch the "Add a Printer" wizard

    5.) Choose "Add a local printer"

    6.) Select "Create a new port" radio button and choose "Local Port" from the

    drop down menu

    7.) Press Next

    8.) In the "Enter Port Name:" box enter the following: \\Desktop\Printer

    where "Desktop" = the computer name from step 2 and "Printer" = the printer

    share name from step 3.

    9.) Select the Printer driver from the list provided or use the "Have Disk"

    button to install the correct Vista driver if it is not in the built-in list.

    It is critical that the driver you use is Vista compatible.

    10.) Press next

    11.) Give the printer a distinct name and choose whether to set as the


    12.) Press Next

    13.) Print a test page to verify functionality.

    14.) Press Finish
    WAW8, Mar 18, 2008
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