Vista fail to start after failed linux installation

Discussion in 'Installation & Compatibility' started by Pete24, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Pete24


    Feb 8, 2012
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    I try to install ubuntu on my laptop along side with Window Vista.

    Window vista is already on it. Ubuntu installing went through well untill almost last step, after I enter Welcome to Ubundu 11.10 page. When I waited for about 20-30 mins, it failed and complaining about hardware problem ( I couldn't remember the exact message).

    Then it give up, and my laptop seems to be freeze. SO I turn power off to stop it.

    After this, I cannot start my laptop anymore to get in to Vista. And I cannot get into BIOS setup anymore either.
    Pete24, Feb 8, 2012
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  2. Pete24


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    I regularly post in the Ubuntu Forum (under a different ID) and warn people about doing what you did -- with the consequences of the problems you've encountered.

    Since you probably do NOT have a Vista install DVD, then you need to consider doing the following:
    1) Read through the Boot-Repair thread and follow the instructions to download the disc image and burn that to a CD:

    2) Once you have that CD, boot from it and try to use Boot-Repair to fix the boot problems.
    3) If you can get Vista to boot again, then run CHKDSK on your Windows partitions. To do that, open My Computer, right-click on each "drive" and select the option to scan the drive for errors.

    Once you get done, if Vista then boots and starts OK, you're done fixing Vista.

    But to restore Ubuntu boot, you will need an Ubuntu CD and should follow the directions for reinstalling GRUB below:

    If you have additional Ubuntu questions or problems, please go to the Ubuntu Forums -- as these forums are for Vista-related issues.
    WAW8, Feb 9, 2012
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