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Discussion in 'General Technical' started by cmp212, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Oct 24, 2008
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    Well, when i turned on my computer today, my wallpaper on both screens were black, and it windows vista (ultimate), was telling me i needed to get a new cd key. So, as im only 15, good with computers, and my father is a technition, and he told me that he had the fix, i went and got it. So i got his usb, and ran the file he told me to. He had never used it but -.- /facepalm. The file installed some stuff on c, done a lil in cmd, then said it restart (it is not a virus, my dad's work partner used it and worked).

    So i restarted, and, as far as i got was it was looking for stuff in cd. So i thought....oh i left a movie in, took the movie out, got to the same line and froze. So i put the bootable windows vista ultimate CD in, and ran a repair, said found the error "No Partition Found", then said repair completly successful. So i restarted....and didn't get any further then if i want to boot from cd. Called my dad over, and he went threw bios, there was nothing in the partition for starting up. So i was like ****. Read on the net the BCD steps to do in the CMD that i can run of the cd when i boot it, done it all, all said successful, then i restart and all gone. The cd auto repair finds the problem, says it fixes, but as soon as i restart, same problem.

    Now, if you havnt picked up, i am running windows vista ultimate, which, was a cd key from work:w00t:, so microsoft picked up, and that program was ment to change it auto to a working one. Now my comp is fucked, and i have no files backed up (mainly music i want).

    If anyone got an idea, tell me and ill try anything atm :)

    I think i have figured it out, the file i installed has changed the BCD (don't know why), can anyone think of a way of deleting it (don't know exact name), without taking the hard drive out, and plugging in another computer??
    cmp212, Oct 24, 2008
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