Vista Beta 1 Service Guide: Part 1

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    Windows Vista Beta 1 has several new services and features that we do not all need. I have gone through the list of services that are running in Windows Vista Beta 1 and compiled a list of services that you can safely disable. Before I get started, it is necessary to understand how to disable services in Windows Vista. Similar to other version of Windows, you will be using the Services MMC. Follow the steps below to get started with the Services applet.
    1. <LI>Click Start and then Run. <LI>Key in services.msc and press OK. The Services applet will now load. <LI>To stop and disable a service, just right click ona service and select Properties. <LI>Then, in the properties box change the Startup type to Disabled and hit OK. The next time that you restart your computer the service will no longer be able to start. </LI>

    Now that you know the basics of disabling a service, I can begin going over the services that I have found that can be disabled to increase your system performance. Below is a list of services that can be disabled. Some provide value added features, so if you use a feature associated with the service consider if it is really worth the slight performance gain compared to the usefulness of the feature.

    Digital ID Management Service - Listens for Digital ID related events and invokes the registered Providers to perform their tasks. The order that the Providers are invoked is specified by the dependency settings. If this service is stopped or disabled, this computer and all logged on users will be unable to use the automated functionality. This sounds like a fancy service, but your probably don't have a use for it unless you use any DRM technologies.

    Distributed Link Tracking Client - Maintains links between NTFS files within a computer or across computers in a network.

    Group Policy Client - The service is responsible for applying settings configured by administrators for the computer and users through the Group Policy component. If the service is stopped or disabled, the settings will not be applied and applications and components will not be manageable through Group Policy. Any components or applications that depend on the Group Policy component might not be functional if the service is stopped or disabled. Are you using any of the new account restrictions in Windows Vista, if not, and if this computer is not on a enterprise network, disable this service to free up some bytes.

    IKE and AuthIP IPSec keying modules - IKE and AuthIP IPSec keying modules. Unless you are doing crazy VPN stuff, home users have little use for this service.

    Infrared monitor service - Supports infrared devices installed on the computer and detects other devices that are in range. Still have any infrared device sitting around? Yeah right!, disable this unless you are still using any legacy devices that require infrared.If so,consider upgrading sometime in the future to this thing called Blue tooth.

    Network Access Protection Agent - Allows windows clients to participate in NAP. If you have no use for NAP or don't know what it is, disable this, you probably don't need it.

    Peer Name Resolution Protocol - Enables Serverless Peer Name Resolution over the Internet. DNS lookups without a DNS server? Possibly, but still no use for it.

    Peer Networking Identity Manager - Provides Identity service for Peer Networking. P2P servicethat performance users don't need.Unless you are using the new P2P networking features.

    Pen Service - Tablet PC Pen Input Service.This service is running by default on my laptop which is not a tablet PC!

    PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator Service - Th
    Jason, Oct 8, 2005
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