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Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by mithun5800xm, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. mithun5800xm


    Oct 8, 2010
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    Hi Readers
    I have the Vista Ultimate. But I can't play any kind of video formats with its Own Media Player as well as with Cyberlink Power DVD Deluxe ver. 7.0. Videos are actually can't run smoothly.
    My system information is as follows:-

    PROCESSOR :- Intel(R)Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.26GHz
    L2 CACHE :- 512 KB
    MEMORY :- 1,016 MB
    MAIN BOARD :- Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 81845GVMRZ
    MONITOR :- Plug and Play
    VIDEO CARD :- Intel(R) 82845 G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
    MODE :- 1024x768 with 32 bit color depth

    How can I solve this problem? Please any one help me.

    Regards and Thanx in advance
    mithun5800xm, Nov 29, 2010
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  2. mithun5800xm


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Your post is full of contradictions -- which makes it hard for us to offer any specific help.

    You begin by saying you can't play ANY kind of video formats -- but you later state that they can't RUN SMOOTHLY. These are very different problems.

    To play ANY format, you need a video (and audio) codec that matches the encoding scheme of the file. IF you don't have that, it won't play at all. MS distributes a limited number of codecs. Other codecs are available by downloading from the Internet. There are also places you can go to get packages of codecs.

    If the playback is lagging, or the video is jagged, or the sound skips -- those are not codec issues; those are performance issues. The lagging or jagged video could be due to video drivers -- and since you have an Intel 845 chip (one that PREDATES Vista), you may already be getting the BEST video you can see. There are no Aero-compatible drivers for that chipset, and the only drivers available are XP-era and have to be installed in compatibility mode. So, if you already have those drivers installed, you're already getting the best video performance available.
    WAW8, Nov 29, 2010
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