Turn an internal hard drive into an external hard drive

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by westerndigi, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. westerndigi


    Jul 4, 2009
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    Ok. Now I really need help. I replaced my PS3 HDD and changed the 40 GB one to a 500 GB! Now my PS3 is awesome! (But that doesn't really matter...) I didn't want do waste the 40 GB HDD so I bought a case to make that internal hard drive into an external hard drive. I put the 40 GB HDD in the case and plug the power supply and then plug the eSata cables (my laptop has an eSata interface). It installs the drivers but I still can't see the HDD on My Computer. Under device management it is shown but not on My Computer. I think there's something wrong with the drivers so that why I posted this here

    HDD: Fujitsu - 40 GB - 2,5"

    Case: ICY BOX 2,5" SATA - USB2.0/ESATA (IB-266STUS)

    Laptop: Toshiba Qosmio F50-11X running Windows Vista

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I know my English isn't the best, but I'm from Portugal...
    westerndigi, Jul 4, 2009
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  2. westerndigi


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Sorry, but my main PC also has eSATA, and I've NEVER been able to get it to work via Vista. Tried everything including different drivers and different BIOS settings -- and nothing works.

    Unless you can find current drivers that DO work, I think you're simply out of luck.
    WAW8, Jul 6, 2009
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