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Discussion in 'Installation & Compatibility' started by Jason, Jan 22, 2007.

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    So Vista is officially being launched in the next couple of days, and it is just about time to start talking a little about that big thing Microsoft is launching, it is not a secret ‘like it or not’ but they have been dominating the OS market for quiet a while now and it seems that neither Yahoo, Google or any other of the big daddies is interested to take the challenge.

    Ok, so i got a version on Vista build 6000 (Microsoft Windows 6.0.6000) and got it installed on a test machine i have here and started playing a little with the features introduced. Even though i personally never liked Microsoft way of doing things, it seems i liked this one.

    Michael Desmond has an article published earlier (here, digg it) which explains very well ten reasons that should encourage each of us to go to his nearest store and buy the new Windows version form Microsoft (aka, Vista). His article is nice, but was written in a very very enlightened style. He mentioned Vista was more secure while he did not explain how exactly, he also described the new 3D embedded effects in the new operating system and almost forgot to mention that in addition to the $100 for the Vista itself, you will need a $300 video card to be able to see those effects.

    <A id=more-202></A>So, do you really need to migrate from XP? or let’s say to Vista?

    If you can’t wait to read my final conclusion, it will be as short as “<U>not now, maybe later”</U>. But for those interested to know why exactly do i think this way, i will have some to tell.

    Ok, i think it will be a great way to tell why i think that it is kind of very early to migrate by discussing in a little more details what Michael mentioned in his article, i will just comment on the ten reasons he explained should be the factor playing the biggest role in making you decide to own a Vista version<UL><LI>Security, security and security again:
    Ok, i tested Vista very well and i have to agree with almost everything mentioned about the new security measures and detection methods Vista has. But, lets face a fact that real hackers rely actually on their own written pieces of software that have been proved to be efficient in breaking Microsoft’s code structure. It wont take too long until a Russian hacker makes a binary firewall tricking tool that will make the built-in firewall be “stupid” and allow some sort of action to some specific port that hacker will be using in a torjan he spreads using SPAM. For those deeper into programming, i can say that such a program will only have to do a very simple change in some (if..then) statement in that firewall program, it will then consider that sort of packets, programs, traffic, etc.. to be coming from/going to a trusted destination.

    Did you hear about Microsoft.Windows.Vista.Local.Activation.Server-MelindaGates? Well, do you think it is wide to trust a new operation system that was cracked from it’s point-zero before it was even officially released? Think it this way, if their activation mechanism (way they make money) was that easy to hack or crack, would they have placed more efforts in protecting your privacy? Security of data? … Well, XP with all the holes it’s got at the m
    Jason, Jan 22, 2007
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