Steps For Installing And Updating Windows Vista SP2

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    1. Do a clean install of Windows Vista SP2.
    Select "Ask me later" so Windows Update is not turned on.
    Do not enter the 25-character product key at this time.

    2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

    3. Install the necessary device drivers (chipset. graphic, audio, ethernet, wireless, etc.).
    Make sure to install the chipset driver first so the computer can properly detect and configure its devices.

    4. Obtain an active connection, then activate Windows Vista.

    5. Install Internet Explorer 9.0

    6. Install these 5 updates in order from smallest to largest KB number:

    7. Install the KB4014661 cumulative security update for Internet Explorer 9.

    Note: Make sure to stop the Windows Update service from running before installing each of the updates in steps #6 and #7.
    Make sure to restart the computer after installing each of those 6 updates.

    8. Load Windows Update.
    Select "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"
    Uncheck "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates"
    After you click OK, the checking for updates process will start.
    If you're prompted to install Windows Update software, do so.
    After it's done, the checking for updates process will continue.

    9. When the list of 200+ updates appear, right-click and hide any unneeded updates, then start the download and install process.

    10. After the updates are installed and the computer is restarted, load Windows Update again.
    Click "Check for updates" so the checking for updates process can start again.

    11. When the list of updates appear, right-click and hide any unneeded updates, then start the download and install process.

    12. Repeat steps #10 and #11 until Windows Update advises you there are no more updates available.
    Windows Vista SP2 should now be up-to-date to its April 2017 official End Of Life(EOL) date.

    (This guide was updated on February 23, 2020)
    flavallee, Feb 24, 2020
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