speech recognition causing blue screen?

Discussion in 'General Technical' started by shorty_gurl_111, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Nov 19, 2007
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    a few months back i decided to open the spreech recognition to use for a paper, but found it to be a waste of time. now everytime i start up the computer, the speech recognition always starts and it takes foever for it to load. then it tells me it can't start and i get a message telling me it is a corupt file and to do run: chkdsk. which i do, and nothing happens.

    since opening the sr, my computer has either randomly shut down (then telling me it failed and it thought it was due to my kaspersky, but it couldn't find anything wrong with it) or would give me the blue screen of death upon starting while loading sr.

    is there any way i can tell for sure it is this stupid feature? if not, is there atleast a way i can turn the dumb thing off so it never loads?


    UPDATE: I checked the events log, and it told me that i needed to run the chkdsk for volume \Device\HarddiskVolume2. However, when i do chkdsk, the black box never comes up.
    shorty_gurl_111, Jul 20, 2008
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  2. shorty_gurl_111


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    It's probably not actually running chkdsk because the partition is in use. Right-click the drive in Computer and select Tools. Then select the option to run chkdsk on the next boot, and reboot. After it restarts, you should see some text on-screen indicating that it's running chkdsk.

    You should not get that message again. If you keep getting chkdsk messages, the most likely cause is that your drive is failing. Another possibility, one that hit me, is that your hard disk driver got "updated" through Windows Udpate, and the driver is incompatible now, and causing file system corruption on an ongoing basis. This second kind of problem is a lot harder to diagnose and fix.
    WAW8, Jul 21, 2008
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