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    Have an mobile phone and wonder how to enjoy your favorite funny videos on your mobile phone?

    Now this article is created exactly for you to show how to put videos on mobile phone step by step.

    Tool you need: iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter


    Step1: get your tool

    Step 2: Load video info

    Step 3: Video Edit

    Step 4: Video /Audio settings

    Step 5: Set output format and destination path and Start Conversion

    Now let me show you how to do it in details

    Step 1: get your tool

    Free Download this video to mobile phone Converter software, and install it on your pc

    Step 2: Load video info

    To load video info, click the Add icon and select the file in the pop-up Open window. It supports you select many files to convert at one time.


    Step 3: Video Edit

    Click Edit button in the main menu to check the trim contents and function. There are three functional bars for you to edit the video. The slide bars beneath

    the embedded player screen enables you to crop the black edges of the video.


    1. Video Cropping

    Click Crop in the Video Edit window. You can use this button to crop the black edges appear in the movie. You can use it to define the range of the movie

    that needs to be converted. To crop, you can either drag the white-dotted line in the screen or you can just set the accurate numbers in the left panel ( Up,

    Down, Left and right) by hands. At the same time, you can select an output aspect ratio from the Zoom list. There are four choices available: Original, Full

    screen, 16:9 and 4:3. Click Reset to cancel action.


    2.Effect settings

    Click Edit button to check Effect in the pop-up Video Edit window. Our iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter allows you to set brightness, contrast and saturation.

    You could set the effect as Gray, Emboss or Old films and then adjust it to get the best effect as you need.

    There are another other two icons: horizontal flip and vertical flip. They are enabling the movie so show as a image-reversed play mode, try them now to

    enjoy the fun.If it is necessary, you may click Reset to cancel the settings.


    3.Movie Trimming

    Set the start time and ending time to define the length of the video that need to be converted.

    Set start time and ending time

    You can select the start time and ending time by hand at the left panel by tuning the numbers. Or you can just drag the slide bars beneath the screen directly. After you finish the settings, the length of the captured video will be shown in the selected length box for your reference.

    Preview video

    Preview the selected video file with the tiny screen to estimate which part of the movie you want to convert.


    Step 4: Video /Audio settings

    Click the setting button to set specific output values both for Video and Audio.


    Set video encoding settings by selecting a resolution, a frame rate, the encoder and a bit rate on the right section.


    Set audio encoding settings by selecting a sample rate, an audio channel, a bit rate, the encoder and an audio volume.


    Step 5: Set output format and destination path and Start Conversion

    Set an output format for the selected file.

    Click the first icon to specify a folder on your computer to save the converted file. You can open the output folder by clicking the Open button.


    Start Conversion:
    Sharea, Dec 21, 2009
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