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Discussion in 'General Technical' started by circe801, Dec 26, 2013.

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    Dec 26, 2013
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    presario a945us laptop. running vista home premium. have learned lots of things over the years and when something goes wrong, i learn to fix it, but now there is too much to fix... long time to start, long time to shut down.

    NEW problems. the green vista kernel loading bar, which used to cycle 7 or 8 times now cycles SEVENTY, 71 or 72 times before the windows logo page comes up. THEN, (and this is for a while) the 'welcome' page takes a while. but, after that, (with my recent clean boot settings), my desktop comes RIGHT up--which didn't used to happen--taskbar would show, desktop would flash between my background and black, eventually coming on full.

    now, this is the "routine"--what i go through to start. this has been going on for a couple of years. after logging in, a uac note comes up--'system properties change computer name', which i have to cancel to continue. it USED to be a regular small popup, now it's the larger one which asks to even show the small one. i've been hitting 'cancel' on the 'cancel' or 'allow', though if i hit 'allow', the small uac popup comes and i hit 'cancel' on that. no forums have been able to give me ANY info on what that means.

    then, the 'low disk space on 'd' drive' comes up (which makes no sense--that is hp recovery partition and that is ALL that exists there...)--have to hit 'cancel' on that. THEN, i USED to have to wait until EVERYTHING started--including sidebar--before i could go online, and when i hit the firefox in the quickstart taskbar, i'd have to do it twice before the browser would come on. sure, it showed on task manager, but took a LONG time to come up. now, with the clean boot, i don't have that problem either.

    however, all of a sudden, with the clean boot, every time i start, i have to start the firewall manually. it no longer comes on by itself, nor defender--i get that popup saying it's not on. only reason i'm running it is every time i try and do either a malwarebytes scan or a kapersky scan, the pc freezes up during scanning, though, i'm pretty sure it's clean. defender and spybot say so...

    o, and also--since the clean boot, my cursor again seems to have a mind of its own, which i kind of took care of a while ago, but now it's back. so, what i'm trying for here is one of you whizzes will have SOME kind of info, answer and help--if ANYONE has ANY ideas. please let me know what you might need and i'll post it. thanks so much in advance...
    circe801, Dec 26, 2013
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