Screensaver Not Going On Consistently

Discussion in 'General Technical' started by Tigerxyz1, May 19, 2012.

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    May 19, 2012
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    Hello - there seems to be a lot of people who talk about a screensaver situation. If you set the screensaver to go on [for example on sixty seconds] often it will go on once the way you set it - but the other occasions that it should go on where there is sixty seconds on no activity - it will not go on "correctly". It will go on like in two or four minutes instead of in sixty seconds like you put it.

    Also ....

    There was a webbsite that seemed to explain the situation a little bit. They said that if the screensaver goes on the way you put it but you move your mouse to take the screensaver off because you are there doing something at your computer - they called that a "rapid dismissal" of your screensaver - they said that supposedly the computer is aware that you prefer that the screensaver not go on right away. Also supposedly because it is aware of that - it modifies temporarily the screensaver. For example it takes your 60 second preference for it to go on and adds like 15 seconds to it [60+15]. Supposedly if it comes on and you do another "rapid dismissal" of your screensaver it does something like [60+15+35]. If you do it again it supposedly again does something like [60+15+35+45] or something like that also. This webbsite also said that there is a way to make your computer not do that and make your screensaver "strict" and always go on the way you put it to go on. They did not mention if that is why they do that or if it is their opinion.

    Therefore ....

    A - Why do screensavers often not go on the way you put them to go on - even if the mouse or keyboard is not moved in any way? :cool:

    B - Is there a way to fix the screensaver to always go on the way you put it to go on even if you move your mouse to take it off for a reason? :cool:
    Tigerxyz1, May 19, 2012
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