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    Hello, a friend of mine recently went back to using their laptop after their main computer died (Doesn't receive power, getting it fixed soonish possibly). Their laptop uses Vista, and they used to mainly use the laptop around 1 year ago to play games. Since then, their parents sometimes use it to watch videos/movies, but that's about it.

    The issue they are encountering is, after about 15 minutes of running a program that uses the system a bit more than other programs (Such as a game), the CPU usage shoots up to 90-100%, even while idle. This makes the computer, and anything she is running, start to stutter/freeze. This goes on indefinitely (tested over night, so at least 10+ hours). The laptop has 3 gigs of ram, and has played much more graphically intense/system heavy things before with minor to no stuttering/lag, let alone the CPU capping out. We have both tried looking up possible fixes (listed below) but so far, nothing has helped.

    Running multiple virus scans at different points in time
    Cleaning the registry (CCleaner)
    Scanning for virus' while in safe mode
    Installing updates
    Installing Service Pack 2

    I've seen plenty of people asking about SVhost causing the issue, but SVhost runs at low/normal CPU usage during all of this. The main program that flares up is a game of some type. We tried with multiple games, but they all cause the same issue. The other main culprit is Skype while we are in a call together. I'm also sure that they have plenty of storage space on the hard drive still, with a few 100 Gigs remaining.

    EDIT : We started up just now and SVhost was running high. We tried a few fixes for that, but none of it helped. SVhost doesn't seem to be the normal thing to run high at least, but they are fed up with trying to fix the laptop right now with the situation changing so often.

    Just to compare to make sure it was the game, we watched the processes while playing the game. During the first 5 minutes or so, the game was about 3-10%, only going up to 10% when we were actively playing. Then when the stuttering started, the game slowly worked its way up from 10, and evened out around 40-50% while idle on the game. Skype would shoot up to around 30-40% as well, with the rest of the programs running slightly higher and taking up whatever was left of the CPU. We tried running the game without Skype up, but this caused every single program (including the game) to start taking more of the CPU.

    We also tried turning the game off during the stuttering. It took a long while for the game to shut down, and the stuttering stopped for a few moments, then started again. We checked the processes at this time, and every single program had shot up to use more of the CPU.

    As for a system restore, they don't have the Vista installation disc. Their parents probably either never received one with the laptop, or tossed it out long ago.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    jamesdjamesd, Feb 28, 2013
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    Nov 18, 2010
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    I don't know how to fix the CPU utilization problem, but if you do not have a Windows Vista installation DVD, you can download a legal copy with SP1 integrated from here:

    Download Official Windows Vista RTM with SP1 Setup Files (32-bit and 64-bit).

    Only Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (X64 or X86) download is available, but if, during the install, you do not enter the product key
    when initially prompted for it (which you must have to use the download), then you will be prompted to select the version of Vista you
    want to install. You can activate once the install is done.

    Windows Vista Home Basic
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Windows Vista Business
    Windows Vista Ultimate

    Downloaded the Vista X64 or X86 files.



    Double clicked on X14-63453.exe or X14-63452.exe. It extractes all the files into a Vista sub-folder.

    Downloaded Windows Bootable Image Creator zip then extract the files to a folder:

    Open the folder and run WBICreator.exe
    Click Next
    Select OS Type: Windows Vista
    CD/DVD Label: VistaX64 or VistaX86
    Setup Location: The Vista folder created when you double clicked on X14-63453.exe or X14-63452.exe.
    Output Path: Somewhere with enough free space to hold the .iso file that will be created (X64 = 3,837,112KB, X86 = 3,013,816KB).
    Click GO.

    When done a VistaX64.iso or VistaX86.iso file will be created in the Output Path you chose.

    You can use the .iso as input to a burner program like ImgBurn to create a Vista Install DVD, or you can use it as Input to
    Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 to create a Vista install flash drive.

    I created a X86 flash drive and used it to install a clean copy of Vista Home Basic on my HP DV2200 Laptop. Worked great using the key on the COA sticker of the laptop.

    Remember to use the X64 or X86 version of Vista you currently have.

    Note: You may need to download drivers for the laptop from the manufacturers web site so I would suggest getting the Network (LAN and Wireless) and video/VGA drivers ahead of time so you can install them as soon as you finish installing Vista.
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    Ztruker, Mar 1, 2013
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