problems with install of windows vista oem 64

Discussion in 'General Technical' started by PRoedge, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. PRoedge


    Jun 14, 2008
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    so I recently REBUILT my PC. I put in a p5Q Pro MOBO, 8800gt,4 gig ddr2 800 ram, New 750 watt PSU,and a intel E8400. Im reusing the case,Hardrive and dvd burner.

    When i try too install vista OEM 64 on my computer it takes me to the files are loading the i get the little windows corporation and the little bars. It then pops too the bluish green screen where the windows loading options are suppose to pop up. Nothing pops up on this screen. The hourglass shows up that acts like it is thinking the it disapears. and im left with a blushish green screen where i can move my mouse around on and do nothing. No options or windows pop up.

    Things ive tried to do too fix it.
    -use only 2 gigs of Ram
    -play around with bios a little.
    -tried about 15 times all same screen.

    Now i can load and install windows XP no problem on my system. So i know there cant be anythign wrong. My computer runs fine in windows XP but i bought windows vista OEM so i can go DX10 and for future computer games and such. Any help would be nice thanks =)
    PRoedge, Jun 14, 2008
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