Problems with copying game files

Discussion in 'Gaming Support' started by faatau82, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Hi all.

    Thanks for reading this topic. I have a major dilemma which is stopping me from releasing my MUP09 mod for EA Rugby 08. All it is, is a large number of files totalling about 850MB that simply needs to be compressed and zipped up for download.

    I am a Vista user and the gamefiles are in the main directory of my game folders.I copied all of the files i needed for the modinto the folder,most were finished but others needed updating. As the files were in the folder already, i simply just updated them, but they were not copied in.

    Now, the game will run the files like they are updated, and i have a perfect mod. If i view the files with the programs, they are correct and updated.

    The problem is, when i try to copy the files to make it available to others, the content of the files reverts to what the files where before i updated them in the folder.

    So basically, if i copy-in the files are fine, but any file i updated that was not copied in reverts to before the update.

    I am aware that Vista makes some copies of files in folders as a backup, and it seems that i am only getting the files that were copied in.

    The files are correct but i can't copy them as they are, i get the old versions before updating.

    Any suggestions on how to copy them? They must be saved in some way because the game and Vista reads them.

    I have no idea why they won't copy properly.

    Thanks for your time and help,

    faatau82, Feb 21, 2009
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