Problem with ISDN network connection

Discussion in 'Networking & Internet' started by zelenooki05, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. zelenooki05


    Dec 29, 2006
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    I have isdn network connection which is connected to other computer who alows incomming connection and it look everything ok. I can even ping that other computer on address even my IP address on my local network is which means that I can see other computer.

    But problem is when I open windows explorer and enter this in address: \\ when I want to access shared folders on that other computer....and nothing happend. :(

    I tried that with VPN connection on some other computer and with thath VPN I can access his folders. But I want to know where is the problem with ISDN connection?? It would be very nice to have all connection VPN, but it is not like that, unfortunately.

    Can anybody help??
    zelenooki05, Dec 29, 2006
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