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Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by Jason, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Installing Codecs for x64

    This may ultimately be one of the most important steps when installing Vista x64, as codecs allow you to enjoy multimedia content (videos and audio) on your computer.

    32-bit applications cannot use 64-bit codecs, and vice-versa. This means that we will need to install two sets of codecs in order to get both 32-bit and 64-bit multimedia applications fully functional.

    For decoding most video files I recommend the XviD codec, which supports the decoding of both DivX and XviD, which make up the majority of video files available from the internet. You may also wish to install Apple QuickTime at this time.

    Now that we have covered 32-bit codecs we will want to install the 64-bit codecs. By installing 64-bit codecs, you will be able to manipulate DivX, XviD and other multimedia files using Windows DVD Maker and Windows Movie Maker. You will also be able to play videos using the 64-bit version of Windows Media Player. The codec package we will be installing is called "Vista Codec Pack x64 Components", and at the time of writing is at version 1.1.2. I have personally tested all codecs mentioned in this step to ensure maximum compatibility, and have found zero issues with it.

    To install the 64-bit codec package:

    * Download the codec package.

    * Run the installer. If User Account Control prompts you for consent, click on "Continue".

    * Follow the instructions in the codec package installer.

    Now, at this point you're probably wondering - what is the point of having both 32-bit and 64-bit codecs installed? The answer is simple - it ensures that you will be able to play back your multimedia files with ease, not having to worry about the application being 32-bit or 64-bit.
    Jason, Apr 9, 2007
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