Please Please Please Help -- Vista Hangs Up!!!

Discussion in 'Performance & Tweaks' started by shumonsaha, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. shumonsaha


    Oct 8, 2009
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    :unsure:Hi. I have recently loaded Vista Home Basic in my Acer Aspire 5920 laptop. The configuration is 1.86 GHz, 2 GB ram, 160 gb hard disk, Core 2 Duo...

    After installing it was working fine. But suddenly it has started hanging up after some time of switching on.

    I have not installed any new software. But tried to use an earlier restore point too. Has not helped.

    I have Kaspersky antivirus 2010 in my machine.

    Can anyone help as my laptop is no longer within warranty.

    I had XP loaded earlier and same problem had inititally happened. Acer sent my a Hotfix which solved the problem.

    But now I have vista in my machine. Cannot go back to XP.

    Please help.

    thanks<DIV class=inter-pagination>Post 1 of 1 | Back to top</DIV>
    shumonsaha, Oct 8, 2009
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  2. shumonsaha

    Guest Guest

    Exactly what do you mean by "hangs up"? Do you mean turns off? Do you
    means hangs up the phone? We are probably using different languages
    terms here, to me "hangs up" is what people do when they are done
    talking on the telephone.
    Guest, Oct 9, 2009
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