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Discussion in 'General Technical' started by beachin, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Oct 18, 2008
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    HI, I am hoping that someone can help me. I bought this laptop back in Feb. of 2007 and purchased the extended warranty but it wasn't through Gateway and they there in tech support want to spend more time dealing with that then just giving me a yes or no.

    I just started a new business and I am really broke and my Laptop died. It has water damage and needs a new motherboard says the ext. warranty company that wants $500 to fix it. I found a motherboard for around $80 bucks on a Gateway MP8708. It is part number DAPA6AMB6D5. My components on my computer are this:


    Part Number: 4006172RUMA Motherboard w/943GML and 1394 (FRU)

    Feature Description

    Processor • Supported: Intel® Yonah/Merom Dual-Core, Single Core & Celeron®-M CPUs

    • Package: Socket 479 pin, uFCPGA

    • FSB: 533/667MHz

    Core Logic • North Bridge: Intel® 945GM/943GML

    • South Bridge: Intel® 82801GBM

    System Memory • Base: 0 MB Down

    • Socket: Two 200-pin SO-DIMM sockets, both user accessible

    • Type: DDR-II 533/667 MHz

    • Channel: Dual-channel

    • Maximum: 2 GB

    Graphics • Controller: 950GMA

    • Bus: Integrated in notebook

    • Memory Options: 64 MB (default)

    • Display Interface: 1-CH LVDS

    • TV-Out: S-video

    • Brightness Control: PWM, 8-Levels

    Communications • Modem: Si3080 w/MoM or MoM DC

    • Networking: Intel® Ekron 10/100 82562GZ

    • Integrated Wireless: Mini-PCI Type III B

    Storage • Hard drive: SATA I/F, Direct Connect to MB

    • Optical drive: PATA I/F, Direct Connect to MB

    Key Asics • Audio: SigmaTel 9250

    • KBC: NS 97541L

    • ExpressCard: Integrated in notebook

    • Memory reader: TI PCI-8412

    • AC adapter: 65 W

    Ports Summary • Four - USB 2.0

    • One - CRT

    • One - S-video

    • One - ExpressCard

    • One - IEEE 1394

    • One - Memory reader

    • One - Microphone jack

    • One - Headphone jack

    • One - RJ-11

    • One - RJ-45

    • One - DC input

    Internal Connectors • Keyboard: KB matrix connected to keyboard controller (KBC) via motherboard

    • Touchpad: Connected to KBC via PS/2 Port

    • Power Button: Input to KBC

    Security • BIOS: POST password, HDD password

    • Theft recovery: Support for CompuTrace BIOS Persistence Module

    BIOS Specifications • ACPI 2.0, WFM 2.0, SMBIOS 2.3, USB floppy disk drive boot support Phoenix Core SP2 or later

    • PXE Boot, WoLOM (Wake-on LAN on Motherboard)

    This is the info on the components from Gateways site on the MP8708

    Components list for

    Batteries and AC Adapters

    arrow2527741R - 65-Watt 2-Prong AC Adapter and Power Cord Assembly (CRU/EURP)

    arrow6501016R - 2-Prong Power Cord (CRU/EURP)

    arrow6501050 - 8-Cell Lithium Ion Battery (CRU/EURP)

    arrow6501051 - 8-Cell Lithium Ion Battery (CRU/EURP)

    arrow6501052 - 8-Cell Lithium Ion Battery (CRU/EURP)

    Chassis Parts

    arrow2522780R - M2.5x9.0L-I(BNI)(NYLOK) (CRU/EURP)

    arrow8010361R - Left Hinge (FRU)

    Hard Drives

    arrow2527768R - 160-GB 5400-RPM SATA Hard Drive Assembly (CRU/EURP)

    arrow2527769R - 160-GB 5400-RPM SATA Hard Drive Assembly (CRU/EURP)


    arrow8011381R - US Keyboard (CRU/EURP)

    LCD Display Panel

    arrow2527770R - 17.1-inch WXGA TFT Display Panel Assembly (1440x900) (Platinum) (FRU)


    arrow2527649R - 1024 MB 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Assembly (CRU/EURP)

    arrow2527650R - 1024 MB 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Assembly - (CRU/EURP)

    arrow2527752R - 1024 MB 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Assembly (CRU/EURP)


    arrow4006145R - UMA Motherboard w/945GM and 1394 (FRU)


    arrow6003022R - Integrated 802.11a/b/g Wireless Networking (FRU)

    Optical Drives or DVD Decoder Cards

    arrow2527760R - 8X Multi-Format Double Layer DVD Writer Assembly (Platinum) (CRU/EURP)

    arrow2527762R - 8X Multi-Format Double Layer DVD Writer Assembly (CRU/EURP)

    arrow2527763R - 8X Multi-Format Double La
    beachin, Oct 18, 2008
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