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Discussion in 'Recovery & Backup' started by joe-90, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    Hi folks, Newbie here so be kind.

    After a complete hard drive crash the other day I decided to get a new PC with Vista on it (previously had win 2000). I heard it was a good idea to make restore points so used the wizard. It offered me a slot on the partitioned drive (H). However, when it went through it found out there wasn't enough space on the partition and stopped. Now it keeps nagging me to say that the restore didn't work and I'm short of disk space. By looking around the PC I see that I could shrink the main partition (c drive) which would hopefully give me room for the back-up on H drive. Anyway I followed the instruction (this is a 250 gig drive btw) and instead of doing what I hoped and making the H partition bigger so I could fit more onto it, It freed up some space that is listed as '83gb unallocated.' So what I've got (looking at the computer management screen) is three boxes. The first says ' RECOVERY (H) 9.71 GB NTFS HEALTHY (primary partition). The middle one says ' C 139.39GB NTFS HEALTHY (system, boot, page file, active, crash dump, primary partition) and the end box on the right says 83.79 Unallocated.

    If I right click on the first one 'Recovery' I don't get the option to extend.

    If I right click on the middle one C drive, I get the option to expand or shrink.

    If I right click on the right one (unallocated) it just says 'New simple volume'.

    Am I right in guessing that the H partition on the left can't expand because it's squeezed up against the main C drive?

    Am I also right in guessing that what I should be doing is finding out how to turn the 'unallocated space' into another drive and doing my restore on that one? If so - can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I've also got the issue of the partially completed 'restore point' on the 'Recovery Drive (H)' which vista tells me I'm running out of disck space. I know what time I tried to do this restore point so if I delete the folders created at that time will I be safe in not deleting the factory installed back-up? Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

    Windows Vista Home Premium.
    joe-90, Jan 18, 2008
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