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    I guess I have made some progress in the past couple of weeks in the overclocking department. Though I suspect there are more things to go yet. Anyway here are my numbers and if you have any comments or suggestions by all means feel free to jump in. First of all I do not have any way of doing overclocking that involves the system bios, at least not that I can tell. I added a PNY 8500GT which at least for now appears to have given me a considerable boost in video capabilities over the Diamond HD2400 Pro.

    Using Nvidia System Utilities just out this June, the front side bus is boosted up to 238 mhz. which which translates into 2.380 ghz. The gpu core clock is set at 501 mhz., video memory clock is set to 451 mhz., the shader clock is set to 1022 mhz., and the gpu cooling is set to 44%.

    Using Vista's performance update my score now looks like this

    Processor 5.3

    Memory Ram 5.0

    Graphics 5.3

    Gaming graphics 5.3

    Primary hard disk 5.8


    Using Hmonitor the temperatures look like as follows.

    Mainboard 22%c

    CPU1 21%c

    CPU1 Core 28%c

    CPU0 Core 27%c

    cooling fans

    Chasis 4245 rpm

    CPU1 2518 rpm

    GPU 57%c


    Lastly using Speedfan 4.3.5 Beta I increased the speed of both shown fans by going to configure and then advanced and selecting the proper chip and setting all fans to software control and then automatic operations.

    If I have missed anything please let me know as obviously I would like to do this right in the first place. Thanks.
    lolsonjr, Jul 5, 2008
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