Motherboard Swap Vista 32 bit Home Premium

Discussion in 'Installation & Compatibility' started by zgy19, May 20, 2009.

  1. zgy19


    May 20, 2009
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    Currently have a hp pavilion a1730n with Vista 32 bit Home Premium and am wanting to upgrade the motherboard and cpu from the amd athlon 64 x2 4600 2.4ghz with a ASUS A8M2N-LA board to a amd athlon 64 x2 6000 3.0ghz with a ASRock A780GMH/128M board. Will it work ok without having to reinstall the operating system?
    zgy19, May 20, 2009
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  2. zgy19

    Guest Guest

    Try it you might be lucky but it is very doubtful. Back up all your stuff
    you want to keep though.Have a little read at
    Guest, May 21, 2009
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  3. zgy19

    Guest Guest

    John the West Ham fan

    Guest, May 21, 2009
  4. zgy19

    Guest Guest

    Guest, May 21, 2009
  5. zgy19

    Guest Guest

    If the product key is on a label on the system then the key is owned by the
    system and it can not legally be used with another model of MOBO even if you
    can get it work
    Guest, May 21, 2009
  6. zgy19

    Guest Guest

    Have done so many times - reactivation will be required - no problem by
    phone. (Regardless if OEM or retail).
    Guest, May 21, 2009
  7. zgy19

    Guest Guest

    There is a chance it would work, but success is not guaranteed. You may
    have to reinstall.
    Guest, May 31, 2009
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