MIDI Lakai LPK 25 keyboard wont work!

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by timeey, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. timeey


    Jun 14, 2010
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    Hi. i can't seem to get my MIDI controller/keyboard to work, the USB just keeps coming with "failed installement". I tried hooking it up to my other computer with XP, started without any problems.

    It comes with a driver, but it's intended for both Windows XP and Vista,but it works just fine without it.

    Don't know why Vista keeps nagging about the drivers and XP doesn't?

    I've also tried with the CD driver, doesn't even detect it and just keeps coming up with "failed installment".

    This is obviously a bug..
    timeey, Jun 14, 2010
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  2. timeey


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Might be worse than you know ...

    My machine came with a builtin MIDI port -- and ever since installing Vista, it has not worked.

    MS completely reworked the whole audio model for Vista -- which is why, in general, XP drivers and SW will no longer work in Vista.

    IF the drivers are not working right, about all I can suggest is for you to check with the keyboard supplier and see if they offer any online support.
    WAW8, Jun 14, 2010
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