Media Center: Trial Expiration????

Discussion in 'General Technical' started by pricerage, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. pricerage


    Dec 17, 2006
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    After finally getting Media Center completely up and running, it now says that the trial has expired and can no longer be used. I was under the impression that the trial (RC1)would work until June 2007, but at exactly 12/31/2006 12:00 AM. The live TV and recorded TV playback has stopped working (trial expiration message). Also, media center has stopped recognizing my TV Tuners. All of this happened at once. Does anyone have any thoughts or information on this subject? Anything would help.
    pricerage, Dec 31, 2006
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  2. pricerage

    Vista Rookie

    Jan 1, 2007
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    I have also encountered the exact same issue with vista rc1. TV shows recorded up until yesterday (12/31/2006) and I am no longer able to view the shows that were previously recorded. I have tried watching them these ways:

    A) On the Vista MCE
    1) From within Media Center (FAILED - Trial Expiration message)
    2) From Windows Media Player 11 (FAILED - Low Memory "error", which is ridiculous with 1.5GB RAM)

    B) On my XP MCE 2005 Laptop
    1) Selected the video file within Media Center (via a watched folder on a mapped network drive connected to the Vista MCE storage drives) (SUCCESSFUL - I could play the video just fine)
    2) Opened the file in Media Player 11 via Mapped network drive connected to the Vista MCE storage drives (SUCCESSFUL - I could play the video just fine)

    C) From my XBOX 360 (as a Media Center Extender)
    1) FAILED - The 360 will not even connect to Vista MCE; It seems to recognize that the Vista MCE is there and it connects and shows the black screen with "Windows Media Center contacting..." but eventually times out and says "Xbox 360 has experienced a failure and was disconnected from the Media Center based PC. Would you like to reconnect?"

    Being very new to Vista and Media Centers in general, I don't havea lot of experience to depend on so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At first I thought maybe Microsoft only provided Vista RC1 with an MPEG decoder that was some sort of trial version (which has now obviously expired), but that doesn't seem to explain why my 360 can no longer connect at all.

    Any ideas?
    Vista Rookie, Jan 1, 2007
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