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Discussion in 'Main Lounge' started by Innocent Soul, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Innocent Soul

    Innocent Soul

    Oct 31, 2005
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    Abbottabad, Pakistan
    They say Mozilla Firefox have 100 such features which are unavailable in IE7... will those features b available in IE7
    Innocent Soul, Nov 24, 2005
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  2. Innocent Soul


    Sep 26, 2005
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    Ya Firefox has been ahead for a while. IE7 is finally utilizing tabbed browsing which firefox has had forever. Its very beliveable that it has 100+ more features..I doubt IE7 will implement anywhere close to all of them.
    Jason, Nov 24, 2005
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  3. Innocent Soul


    Jan 19, 2006
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    where is this '100+' list or quote ?
    robotlol, Jan 19, 2006
  4. Innocent Soul


    Sep 26, 2005
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    Firefox also has a thing called "extensions" which basically opens it up to unlimited number of features since people can make there own or download them at ease and install them.
    Jason, Jan 19, 2006
  5. Innocent Soul


    Jan 19, 2006
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    you didn't answer my question, where is this '100+ list' ?

    i know about extensions, i've been using ff for quite awhile now . .
    robotlol, Jan 22, 2006
  6. Innocent Soul


    Sep 26, 2005
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    Thats what ive "heard" never said I had created a list. If you read the link i posted and read about all the security features etc.. which i.e doesnt implement. An example is the ability to use transparent .pngs'
    Jason, Jan 31, 2006
  7. Innocent Soul


    Oct 6, 2005
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    Well, I'm a Firefox user, just because of the power of extensions...

    I didn't know about them until I came across an article of the top 50 most used extensions.

    I think the same article used to list the top 100 extensions which is what you might be referring to.

    Here's a Link to the blog.

    There are way over 100+ extensions all around the web, but when I was using IE7 it wasn't all that bad.

    At least it's caught up to the times, I'll still stick with FF though.
    _Venom_, Feb 1, 2006
  8. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    This thread does not appear to have been used in a while but I want to
    know if someone solved this problem. My sisters computer (XP Home, IE7)
    gives the script error messages on various websites. The Internet
    Options..Advanced are set to disable script debugging (they are both
    checked). The option to display a notification on every script error is
    not checked. I have looked at everything I know to look at and have not
    figured it out. I uninstalled IE7 and reloaded it and still had the
    problem. System is up to date on maintenance, has firewall and
    anti-virus, and Spybot and Windows Defender run clean.

    If somebody is subscribed to this thread that has fixed this problem
    please post how you fixed it. Thanks.

    madmike73's Profile:
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    Guest, Apr 2, 2009
  9. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Hello madmike
    Include the following information in your post, the version number of IE7
    and of course the Operating system. In your case the OS could be XP Home
    "?What?" and it may/should also have the Service Pack Number e.g. SP1, SP2
    or SP3.
    Also include all the URLs to the "various websites" that are returning the
    error message and the information contained in error messages.
    Your message was posted to " a
    newsgroup *not* a Forum.
    If you don't get an answer at this newsgroup that solves your issue, You may
    want to post to the"
    newsgroup ".

    H Brown
    Guest, Apr 2, 2009
  10. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Did not intentionally post to a Vista newsgroup but the problem
    described matches the problem I have. Operating system is Microsoft
    Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3. Browser is
    Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13. Sample website is (this is the only one
    I have bookmarked but it occurs on others as well and my Internet
    Explorer options are set so I should not be getting this). I have
    attached DOCs showing the error and the IE advanced options.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Mike

    |Filename: internet options advanced.doc |

    madmike73's Profile:
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    Guest, Apr 2, 2009
  11. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Hi Mike
    I don't think anybody will down load your file with the attached docs
    in order to try and help. I open the web site you provided a link to
    and am running IE7 version: 7.0.6001.18000 in Vista HP Sp1 and have
    the same setting for IE7 you mentioned in your original post, and I
    get no messages of any kind. If it were me I would go to those script
    options in IE7 set them the opposite of what you said they are and
    *Apply* *OK*. Then go to the web page you used as sample to make sure
    your still getting the message and then shut down IE7 and restart the
    computer. Then open IE7 go to options , Advanced and put a check mark
    next to "Disable script debugging (internet Explorer)" and check
    "Disable script debugging (Other)" then make sure the check box next
    to "Display a notification about every script error" is Unchecked
    Click on Apply and then OK. Shut down IE7. Then restart computer and
    open IE7 make sure those setting stuck. Go back to the sample web
    page and see what you get and check back here with results.

    H Brown
    Guest, Apr 2, 2009
  12. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    H Brown, I have tried changing the options and rebooting and changing
    them back. The checks on the options stay like I set them, they just
    don't seem to turn off the errors like they should. I had hoped Caroline
    \(shadoe\) had fixed her problem and would tell me how she did it. Is
    there a format I should use to upload the error and my settings ? I can
    do it in most formats, it is just a screen image of the error and
    settings I dropped into Word. I can use JPEG or BMP if that would be
    considered safer.

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    Guest, Apr 3, 2009
  13. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Uploading attachments as JPEG

    |Filename: IE Options Advanced.jpg |

    madmike73's Profile:
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    Guest, Apr 3, 2009
  14. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Having tested the
    only web page you provided as one of the ones your issue repeats its
    self. I can not get any scripting errors no matter which way I've set
    my setting in IE7 Version: 7.0.6001.18000 that by the way has all MS
    IE7 updates/patches using auto updates on this Vista Sp1 machine
    including the Vista operating system itself. Also Java is Version 6
    update 12 (build 1.60_12-bo4). However the latest Java update is
    (Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 Server
    Version 6 Update 13). If your going to use Java use the latest
    update. (Yes I need to update Java my self)

    That being said, here are the steps I would take in your case on the
    Sp3 machine in question.
    Set it up for auto updating including to receive updates for other
    products from Microsoft Update e.g. IE7.
    Then update and keep the updates/patches current daily.
    What I want is a fully patched OS and fully patched IE7. Regardless
    of how its done.
    Then I would *uninstall* all or any of Java except Version 6 Update
    Go to the web site to Update to the latest version and latest update
    for it. Note: Java is not necessary unless you have software programs
    that depend on it to fully function or really need it on certain web

    Since IE7 is an upgrade to your/friends XP Sp1 I would go to
    and just double check which down load for IE7 was used.
    *See my comments below for proper download path.*
    I think updating/patching the OS and IE7 (NOT OPTIONAL UPDATE unless
    wanted) will take care of issue.
    However in your friends case I would do some basic maintenance and
    adjustments to IE7. Set it to the default settings and run
    it for a while until your satisfied alls well, before making a lot of
    changes. I would do the same for the OS too.
    Clean up temp files etc. IE7 tools, options and a Disk Clean up too,
    want hurt.

    One last *important* thing(s) and questions.
    When IE7 was downloaded and installed. What Web site was it from?
    If it was NOT from
    for 32bit Windows XP, Home Edition, but from _any another_ site(s).
    I would _uninstall_ IE7 again, through the control panel then do my OS
    updates/patches. (after a restart)
    Then go to MS _download_ site link above. Use the following method to
    down load: To copy the download to your computer for installation at
    a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.
    Once download is completed shut down IE and before you run the file to
    _install_ IE7 shut down the programs that are running in background
    *not* any windows services.
    In particular any virus, malware, spyware software, any thing like
    Spybot Search & Destroy that also include or have *Tea Timer*
    functions that monitor and jack with the Registry.
    Just get all those things out of the way while installing IE7 same
    could be said for window update if you do them manually.
    Once your clean install of IE7 is up and running and working as
    expected. _NOW make sure you update/patch IE7_ so your sure it has
    the latest update/patches.
    Then if needed update Java at the Java site, they offer different
    methods for downloading.
    The Save this program to disk for Java is the one I would use and if
    it offers a custom install take it and don't let Java do auto updates.
    That would be my preference for Java. Find it at look under windows Windows
    XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 Offline
    and follow instructions.

    Lastly no matter what, from time to time one can run across web sites
    that you can get errors even though you
    have setting checked not to show these errors. Reasons vary, but its
    mostly poor site construction or one that was
    built for the days of windows 95 or 98 and other browsers in their
    time and the site has not been maintained.
    Could be a good reason to avoid those web site
    Guest, Apr 4, 2009
  15. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    I don't think there is anything here I have not already tried. This
    system is completely updated with all fixes, I even run Secunia PSI and
    there is no outdated software or software needing patches on this
    system. I run Avast antivirus and it scans clean, I run Zonealarm
    firewall, I do run Spybot but I do not use the teatimer portion, the
    Spybot scan is clean. I am running the current version on Sun Java
    (version 6 update 13) and there are no other versions on the machine, I
    actually uninstalled version 6 update 13 yesterday and then rebooted and
    put it back on with the offline package. I have tried resetting IE7
    options to default and cleaned cache. I understand some web sites might
    act up but since this one behaves fine on your system and my system it
    should behave correctly on the system I am working on as well. I guess
    the only thing left is to uninstall IE7 and reinstall it, I'll probably
    give that a try tomorrow.

    madmike73's Profile:
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    Guest, Apr 4, 2009
  16. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    I agree
    That is most likely good thinking, be sure to use the download site
    link and heed the advice for downloading and installing IE7.
    At least from that site your sure to get a clean install and be sure
    to apply IE updates/patches after the new install of IE7.
    I don't know anything about Secunia PSI, but after downloading IE7 to
    a folder stop any running software apps that could/will/may interfere
    with the installation of IE7.
    You may want to run IE7 with no add-ons first just to see what happens
    before you **Uninstall* and download ,reinstall IE7**.
    H Brown
    Guest, Apr 4, 2009
  17. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Well I may have made some progress. First I realized this system still
    had Microsoft VM on it so I removed it thinking that would fix the
    problem, it didn't. Then I went to uninstall IE7 but couldn't because
    XP-SP3 had been installed after IE7 and the only way to uninstall IE7
    was to uninstall XP-SP3. I didn't want to uninstall XP-SP3. Next I
    installed IE8 to see what it would do, it did the same thing. I looked
    back over all your suggestions H Brown and checked Spybot Inoculate and
    it was not applied but that caused me to remember I had a custom HOSTS
    file. I turned off the custom HOSTS file and the problem went away. I
    downloaded the current custom HOSTS file and installed it and it worked
    fine, no error. At some point something I did caused the error to start
    again. I turned off the custom HOSTS file, turned it back on and the
    error was gone. Now I know that the error has something to do with the
    custom HOSTS file and for now it is working.

    madmike73's Profile:
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    Guest, Apr 7, 2009
  18. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Apr 9, 2009
  19. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    Then please explain the following Post at egghead caf?:
    Are you sure you have all the facts?

    IE7 script errors - Caroline \(shadoe\)
    06-Dec-08 06:11:44

    Following are just two of the numerous script errors I am getting that
    I do
    not get with Firefox on the same sites. I prefer IE...
    An error has occurred in the script on this page.
    Line: 2
    Char: 1
    Error: Syntax error
    Code: 0
    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?
    An error has occurred in the script on this page.
    Line: 1
    Char: 142
    Error: Expected ')'
    Code: 0
    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?
    Opened IE7>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Restored advanced settings.

    x Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
    x Disable script debugging (Other)
    0 Display a notification about every script error (not checked)

    still getting errors after restarting IE..........Please
    Help.......TIAIE7 script errors - PA Bear [MS MVP] 06-Dec-08 07:18:59
    Please state your full Windows version (e.g., WinXP SP3; Vista SP1)
    posting to this newsgroup.

    Are those three (3) options still configured as they were prior to the
    ~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
    MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Desktop Experience - since 2002
    AumHa VSOP & Admin
    DTS-L script errors - Caroline \(shadoe\)
    06-Dec-08 08:10:25 OS Vista SP1IE7 script errors - PA Bear [MS MVP]
    06-Dec-08 09:05:09 Repost:

    IOW, have they changed since you've rebooted?IE7 script errors -
    Caroline \(shadoe\) 06-Dec-08 10:03:55 The settings now are where I
    left them (restored advanced settings) they
    have not changed since I rebooted.IE7 script errors - PA Bear [MS MVP]
    07-Dec-08 06:34:41 Did this behavior only start after you'd installed
    Vista SP1? IE7 script errors - Caroline \(shadoe\) 07-Dec-08 08:44:02
    Not certain but it is possible. My restore points do show that it was
    installed twice but I never removed it at any time. Nor did I install
    Automatic updates???? IE7 script errors - PA Bear [MS MVP] 07-Dec-08
    09:25:25 What anti-virus application or security suite is installed
    and is your
    subscription current? What anti-spyware applications (other than
    What third-party firewall (if any)? Were any of these applications
    in the background when you installed Vista SP1?

    Has a Norton or McAfee application ever been installed on the machine
    a free-trial version preinstalled when you bought it)?Ended the
    eggheadcafe post, but there are more out there.H Brown
    Guest, Apr 9, 2009
  20. Innocent Soul

    Guest Guest

    You may want to take a look: Results 41 - 50 of about 275 for
    "Caroline \(shadoe\)". (0.10 seconds) U...t/messages/6351_Re-3A-Reinstalling-Vista.html
    http Usenet A.../

    Good Luck

    H Brown

    <> wrote in message
    Guest, Apr 9, 2009
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