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Discussion in 'Networking & Internet' started by penrif, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Jan 7, 2011
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    The 32 bit laptop I am asking for advise with is not mine, it is a Packard Bell BV Easy Note_MX37-S-200 PC10E06901, (ALP-Ajax C3 laptop ), with Vista Home Basic Installed and 3 gig of RAM.

    The laptop belongs to two OAPs who live in sheltered accommodation, finally each apartment/tenant/s is being allowed to install their own broadband connection via ethernet cable instead of a communal wireless set up.

    The laptop was purchased 18 months ago.

    It has never been used, on getting it home and they turning it on, it wouldn't.

    They spoke to PC World who treated them so bad, they were to scared to take it any further, so a £400 laptop, ( then ), gathering dust.

    I got involved a few days ago, the problem, a faulty mains lead.

    In anticipation of their new broadband connection I was asked by their daughter if I could update/upgrade laptop in any way.

    The laptop is so new, ( in a 18 month kind of way ), that when I booted it up a window popped up suggesting recovery disks should be made which I have now done.

    The bloatware that was installed, I've un-installed a lot of it, Norton proved stubborn but I managed to remove most traces, Adobe was another and loads of free trial software.

    Now to the problem and I have spent some time trying to resolve it and can't and it's bugging me.

    As it stands the laptop has SP1 installed, I can connect it to the internet, ( IE 8 ), using my own ethernet broadband connection and the lap top recognizes the connection and connects with no problem.

    The problem arises when I download VISTA SP2.

    IN SP1, in control panel. Network and Sharing, everything that should be there on that page, basic network and setup connection information, is.

    However when I upgrade to SP2, that page is blank and the machine will not connect to the internet.

    I have tried several things, before updating patches/hot fixes of which there is a lot, I have tried first installing SP2 on it's own, same thing, no connection, I have tried updating all recommended updates for SP1 then installed SP2, same thing happens, I loose internet connection/information.

    If I restore back to SP1, no problem.

    The obvious thing is to simply leave it at SP1 but it is bugging me.

    I have never used Vista personally, was Vista Home Basic never designed to be upgraded to SP2.

    Can anyone help?
    penrif, Jan 7, 2011
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