I OWN A DEL DIMISNSION 24000 :-( Intel(R) 82845G/GL/etc Ctrlr

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by jholz, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. jholz


    Feb 3, 2007
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    ;) can anybody help me!?

    I installed the driver for my Intel built in graphics card and have found to my dismay that although the graphics on Vista home basic look super sharp.. the windows drag round in a jerky mannor and more worringly, I have BSOD'd twice, with the fault diagnosis being the video card.

    Can anybody tell me if there is a way to 'strip down' the graphics in Vista home basic so as to help my poor old Dell handle them better? :D
    jholz, Feb 3, 2007
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