hp pavilion elite model m9260f desktop pc

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by Miles, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Miles


    Jan 3, 2016
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    Hello I have a hp pavilion elite model m9260f desktop pc...... Recently when I turned off the computer then later turned it back on it would freeze at the blue screen and then I heard two beeps... one was a long beep and the other was a short beep:

    In doing some research I learned that this helps you identify a problem with the pc: ... so I looked up that code and found this out. Boot Patch Error Code: BIO HD-3............. which meant warning: No bootable drives detected.

    So I started fooling around with it cause it has two hard drives in it.... So I have a few questions please to go with what I found out.

    I first unplugged the top hard drive while leaving the bottom one plugged in, just unplugging the smaller cable that one that goes from hard drive to mother board. but leaving the power supply cable hooked up.

    So then I tried to turn it on again got to blue screen and froze up would not do anything, will not even boot up from a cd.. will not even do anything if i hold down certain buttons like F11..etc...

    So i then I plugged back in the top hard drive.... and then unhooked the small cable from the bottom hard drive... and tried turning on the pc again, this time it did just fine booted to windows with no problem... but if i then try to plug back in the bottom hard drive it freezes when i cut it off and then back on again.

    So for now I have the bottom one unplugged so that I can use the pc.

    My questions are: what is the bottom hard drive for? what information is on it from the factory?

    I had always thought when I first bought the pc and noticed two hard drives that one was for the c drive that has windows on it . for documents.. pictures... program files..etc

    And the bottom hard drive was D.. which only has the factory restore program on it that can be used if you have to do a restore on pc?

    right now though I am confused if i go to my computers there is showing a c drive and a d drive when you click on d drive it says restore how can this be showing up at all if the bottom hard drive is unplugged?

    Is both the one hard drive considered a c and a d? trying to figure this one out...lol

    hope this is not to confusing.... thanks would sure appreciate some insight on what each hard drive is for..etc..

    Miles, Jan 3, 2016
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  2. Miles


    Mar 6, 2016
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    Drive D is probably the factory reset files included, so that a hidden partition does not need to be used by only one hard drive, and also is more logical, since it means that it's impossible to corrupt it.

    I couldn't find anything on this, so am taking a guess from what you have provided.
    Cammygirl192, Mar 25, 2016
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