How to put DVD to Media Players with DVD to Flash Video Converter

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    This guide will show you a very simple learning curve of how to rip DVD to flash player videos using the DVD to Player Converter from Leawo. Leawo DVD to Flash Video Converter can not only rip DVD to AVI player video, but also rip DVD to MPEG player video and even convert DVD to all other videos that can be played in flash player, so that you can play your DVD videos on flash player, therefore will be able to broadcast it on internet easily. The program is very easy to use while you are assured the output quality is up to professional standard.

    Leawo DVD to Flash Video Converter is an easy-to-install and green program which does not cause any conflict with other softwares. Feel free to try it without security risk to your personal data.

    The very first step, you should load the DVD movie in the DVD to Player Converter. Put the DVD disc in your computer and select its drive letter to import. Besides, it is possible that DVD folder stored on your harddisk can be loaded as well. But if you miss some files when copying from the DVD disc to your computer before, you might probably fail to load it correctly.

    Once the loading is successful, you will see a tree list with entries to the titles and chapters of the DVD movie. If you don't want some chapters to be converted, just simply remove the check in front of the entry.


    Settings are the vital part to the output quality of the video. People have to take it seriously with their professional knowledge. However, there is a simple solution for everyone, that is profiles. Profiles are settings that have been done under the suggestion of the experts. Profiles are usually able to generate well-acceptable output, therefore are favored by most people. In Leawo DVD to Flash Video Converter, you can simply move the cursors along the profile list and find the matching one for your video player. It is clear that you can convert DVD to MP4, convert DVD to MOV and convert DVD to any video format that supports flash player.


    You can access to the advanced setting panel for codec settings and even build a profile for your player video format. It is not hard to figure out how the settings work.

    Opening the advanced setting panel, you will see it is divided into two parts, video and audio. Changing the parameters will affect on video and audio separately. Take codec for example, the relation between it and the output is like the engine and the car. Advanced codec can do much better in output, such as higher video quality or higher compression rate. Bit rate is like the width of the highway. The higher the bit rate, the higher the video quality, because it determines how many details will be preserved after the conversion. Video size, undoubtedly, is what it means literally. However, you should take this setting seriously to match the physical size of your video player in order to get a better video effect and compatibility. Except the video size is limited, others settings affects output positively as the parameters go up. It is not that difficult to become an expert.


    If you feel this is far from ending, there are still places for fun. In Leawo DVD to Flash Video Converter, you are free to access to the customization control panel enable you a wonderful experience in editing video in a more extensive way.


    For more information, visit the page of Leawo DVD to Flash Video Converter.
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