How to convert DVD to 3GP video for your mobile phone?

Discussion in 'General Technical' started by bill198203, Jul 16, 2009.

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    How to convert DVD to 3GP video for your mobile phone?

    Pavtube DVD to 3GP Converter:

    Want to enjoy magic Harry Porter series on your mobile phone when you are traveling? Want to carry memorable Shirley Temple on your mobile phone in this depression time to cheer yourself up every time you feel lost and depressed? This is no big deal. All that you need are a DVD to 3GP converter, and a USB cable besides a computer and a mobile phone supporting 3GP video. By the way, if you are GSM users, you need to convert the DVD movie to 3GP video, while if you are CDMA users, you need to convert DVD movie to 3GPP2 video. Keep this in mind.
    Let me show you step by step how to covert DVD to 3GP/3G2 video.
    First, launch this popular DVD to 3GP Converter, and import DVD to file list. I use it, because it is easy to use and boasts brilliant interface, what is more, it is rips really fast and smoothly.
    Second, choose an output format and do detailed settings according to your need and the mobile phone you are using.
    Third, if you choose, you can edit DVD video in the way of cropping image, trimming the video and adjusting effects, flipping the video and cutting of black edges, and adjusting the volume etc.
    Fourth, you can also split the DVD movie to different parts and choose some to merge to one video. In other words, you can convert part of the DVD Movie to 3GP/3GP2 video rather than converting the entire DVD.
    Fifth, hit the big “Convert” button to start converting after you have finished all the settings. It takes about an hour to finish the converting depending on how long you convert the movie.
    Now that you have got the exported 3GP/3GP2 video, and the rest of the work is to transfer the video to your mobile phone. Simply, you just need a USB cable to connect your computer and your mobile phone, or you can turn on Bluetooth of your computer and your mobile phone to transfer the videos on your computer to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. It is quite a convenient way.
    bill198203, Jul 16, 2009
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