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    I'm SomeGuyWithASega. Here's some things to know about me:

    - I'm some guy with a Sega (multiple, actually)

    - I really love Vista.

    - I have a Mac.

    So, I guess I'll tell my experiences with Vista. Get the popcorn ready. There's a tl;dr at the bottom if you don't wanna read the whole thing.

    A couple of years ago, our family Mac computer (Intel iMac G5) broke down. Mom couldn't find a way to fix it (because she was anything but a tech expert), and so they sent the Mac to a computer "wizard" that thought that the Mac was trash.

    We never threw out the Mac. All it did was sit in our basement and collect dust for a year and a half. I would occasionally take it up from the basement to see if I could fix it every now and then, but nothing came out of it...

    ...that is, until September of 2016, where I took the Mac up, and it actually booted up and worked! Granted it took, like, 5 minutes to do anything, but hey, it worked!

    I got the most important things off of the Mac and uploaded to Google Drive (over the course of 15 hours) to preserve the information, then I formatted the hard drive and installed a fresh new copy of Lion, and man, that thing worked like a charm! You'd almost think that there'd be an SSD in it, but no. It was just a regular old G5 with the RAM maxed out (2 GB). I later made everyone accounts on it, and practically turned it into a second option for a family computer if anyone needed it, and it also gave me something to tinker with so I wasn't bored out of my mind.

    I was very proud of the fact that I had taken an old piece of junk and turned it into a new, usable piece of junk that also become my new computer. I also got the keyboard replaced so all keys would be working properly.

    And then, I started to experiment. One thing I always wanted to do when this was our family computer was install Windows on the Mac via Boot Camp (although getting Windows to work properly on a Mac would probably be too much on my little brain), or at least have a way to run Windows programs on the Mac. I always went with Wine, which never seemed to work properly for me.

    And now, since I had this computer pretty much all to myself (my brothers were all destroying the new Mac), it wouldn't matter if anything took a long time to finish or anything, and thus, I opted for a different option: Boot Camp. Creating a partition for Windows on the Mac's hard drive, install Windows, then install the Boot Camp drivers for Windows. Simple enough.

    After several successful, yet unbearably slow installations of Windows 7 64-bit, I opted for an OS less resource-intensive:


    No, not you yet!


    Yeah, that one. I was one of those people that skipped right over Vista without taking a second look, and ended up jumping on the Vista hate bandwagon. I kept with Windows XP for quite a while on my Mac (a few months), and I was very happy with it. But after those few months passed, I noticed some flaws with XP. If I did stick with XP, I wouldn't have been able to have DirectX 10, newer drivers and newer versions of the .NET Framework. And thus, I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and give Vista (32-bit) a whirl.

    And, well...I was actually pretty pleased with Vista.

    With Service Packs 1 & 2 added on, Vista was a very good replacement for XP for the machines that could handle it. Unfortunately, I was having problems with Vista. I found myself having to fix a problem with Vista every day, and some of the setup files that I used to install XP didn't open on Vista (until I noticed the "Unblock" button in the file's properties). Indeed, Vista was a bit counter-intuitive for me at first, but as time grew on, and me upgrading to 7, then going back to Vista to give it another chance, I had really started to like Vista a lot, even over Windows 7 with its grandpa taskbar (one of the things that drew me away from 7).

    In fact, I like Vista so much, I'm running it as I'm typing this, and I'm not going to upgrade to 7 in the near future. Hey, if I made it through 2 and a half years of no XP support on my old computer, I think I'll be fine here.


    tl;dr: The family's iMac broke down, everyone thought it was broken (even computer experts), I fixed it, and it became mine. I then installed Windows on it, starting with XP, Vista, 7, then back to Vista because I'm a nutcase.

    So, yeah. Very glad to be joining the Vista army.

    I also have a YouTube channel, if you wanna go check that out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvK1OJC57tizX3DuHfO8CNQ

    I could use the money...
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    SomeGuyWithASega, Feb 12, 2017
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