Freeze, crash and the colour blue

Discussion in 'Security' started by juicyham, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Mar 6, 2013
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    I can't get my system to behave and I have spent enough time trying to actaully make me register on a forum seeking help... I'm assuming this is some sort of malware problem because of the sudden strange behaviour of the system but i can't really be sure without some sort of positive result from a scan. Soooo, what I want from you guys, if there is a "you guys", is some way be sure about/rule out the presence of malicious code running on my machine.

    Oh, and Vista Home Premium 32bit system.

    Slow (and variable) boot time, sometimes doesn't boot at all.
    When attempting safe mode, 1 out of 10ish attempts succeed.
    An occational bluescreen which I did not read/understand.
    After successful(normal) boot, system freezes up after standing idle for some time(can't say how long, 15 minutes +?).
    System freezes when trying to update MSE, installing updates downloaded by Windows Update, installing new versions of Java, even installing a driver for a new wireless network adapter(the driver did successfully install in safe mode).
    MSE doesn't update in safe mode("according to itself"ish again).
    Playing and enjoying Mount&Blade delays the freeze until i'm done.
    Same with StarWars: Rebellion:p

    Some start-up error fixing tool windows presents me with when the system fails to boot. Didn't help at all.

    Thorough search with MSE. Nothing.

    Malwarebytes, GMER, TDSSkiller, catchme, rootrepeal and a couple of other tools I no longer recall the names of. Either negative scan results or scan logs I couldn't interpret. Problem still the same. GMER scanned til VolumeShadowCopy16 and the system froze up every time i tried to run it while not in safe mode. In safe mode GMER completed the scan but didn't present me with anything but a log that I can't interpret.

    Would have wiped the hard drive and reinstalled windows a couple of weeks ago, but the external drive is dead and the hambeasts over at ACER doesn't provide their costumers with an OS cd when pushing laptops with glowing lights everywhere that die one component at a time.

    If anyone actually KNOWS anything about this out there, please help. If you don't know what you are talking about, please spare me, I'm annoyed enough as it is already.
    juicyham, Mar 6, 2013
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