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Discussion in 'Gaming Support' started by Denn, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Sep 9, 2009
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    HP Pavilion Dv3-2111TX.

    Okay. First, my laptop spec :

    Windows Vista Home Premium -32bit

    Ram : 4 Gb

    G.Card : Nvidia graphic Card, Geforce 105m [512mb]

    Processor : Intel Centrino Core Duo, 2.00 GHz

    The requirement for the game :

    The problem :

    Every time when I play Fiesta, sometimes upon logging in and sometimes halfway playing the game, my screen would go black and turns on blue screen [memory dump or something] then restarts.

    Once restarted, I got the error message said that window had spotted a malware called Xdvannn.sys

    Which I've looked through on the net saying this is related to X-trap.

    This is what I have done :

    1. I've already tried turning off my firewall and antivirus. Still a no.

    2. Scan the laptop with ad-aware/spybot search and destroy. Still a no.

    3. Un-installing antivirus. Still a no.

    4. Installing a new antivirus. Still a no.

    5. Updating the antivirus. Still a no.

    6. Re-install the game. Still a no.

    7. Install the game with a new file. Still a no.

    And if some of you might think the problems are cause by my laptop itself, it's a no, I've bought this laptop just 1 week ago. And I had changed 2 times. Same model. And still, the same problem.

    This is what I get from the Csr [GM] of the game :

    Hello again,

    We notice you have posted this issue in the Forums, and agree with the other players who have suggested you contact Microsoft. Any time you get a Blue Screen it is a Windows issue, not an issue with our file.

    Please make sure that you have downloaded and installed Fiesta from our site. If you downloaded it from any other site, including a Mirror site, you should uninstall the file and then delete it from your Recycle Bin, and then download the game from

    If the error continues after that, you will need to go into your anti-virus program and tell it to allow the file. We are not familiar with your particular anti-virus, so cannot tell you where to perform this task. You may also want to switch to a more widely used anti-virus with a proven track record.


    CSR Circe

    Customer Support Manager

    Outspark, Inc
    Denn, Sep 9, 2009
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