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Discussion in 'General Technical' started by skybluehuw, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. skybluehuw


    Jan 9, 2008
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    I am having problems with my ati cards.

    2 questions

    when i install the 7.12 drivers it says that the driver package is all ready installed so will not install them properly. i have cleaned out with driver net, uninstalled from hardware list manuallybut still get the same problem. is there any way for me to get rid of them.

    2) is there anyway to stop windows from auto installing the drivers once i re-boot. i have turned off windows auto update but it still dose it even when i am not connected to the internet.

    thanks for any help you could give in advance.
    skybluehuw, Jan 9, 2008
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  2. skybluehuw


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Every device manager you install is copied into the driver store. What you will need to do is locate the actual device "package" you need to remove and delete it from the driver store.

    To locate the device "package", open an elevated command prompt window (enter"cmd" in the start area, then press ctrl-shift-enter) and enter "pnputil.exe -e". This will provide a list of all the third-party drivers installed.

    Search the list for the ATI driver versions you want removed. It will be oem##.inf. (where ## is the actual two-digit number of the inf file)

    To remove the drivers, using the same elevated command window, enter "pnputil.exe -d oem##.inf" to be safe, find all the driver files and remove them all.

    Then, you need to clean out the INF directory:

    1) open %windir%\inf\ in Wordpad

    2) search for "Radeon", this will be found on a DevDesc line

    3) look a few lines up for the "inf:" line. It will say Openeded INF: and at the end of the line, you will see the actual name of the inf file.

    4) remove that file from the INF directory.

    5) look for ServiceBinary=c:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS containing a reference to the same inf file. That's the driver file to delete.

    6) continue this process, search for all the inf sequences and DRIVERS references, removing the files from the INF and DRIVERS directories as needed.

    Be sure to remove any files and directories under C:\ATI\Support. Those are the old ATI drivers that were written there by the installation routine.

    Also, be sure to remove the drivers from Device Manager before you reboot.

    When the system restarts, if it prompts to install the ATI drivers, cancel out. Then, run the catalyst install (as administrator), and you should be OK.
    WAW8, Jan 11, 2008
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