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Discussion in 'General Technical' started by Kortprosess, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Oct 9, 2009
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    Somthing happened one day with windows defender. A dll file from windows system was put in carantine. And when i tried to recover the file i got this message that the file could not be recovered!

    This was i while ago, and i dont remember what the file was named. Stupid of me not to do anyhing right there and then!

    here is the thing,

    When i start apple safari, vista tells me that "cannot initialice dll resource, press OK to exit"

    This happens when i right-click on files, and when i start safari, + internet-explorer.

    I use vista 32 bit home premium.

    Hope any of you can give me a hint on what to do here. Becouse vista`s not finding anything when i do a scan, and i cant do a reboot with recovery becouse this happend some time ago...

    Allso did a scan on cmd.exe, sfc/scannow and it found some errors. windows recource protection found some injured files, but could not repair any of them. it sais that i should look at the log windir\logs\cbs\cbs.log , but when i try to open it it wont. Im not sure if this is relevant info, but i hope we can figure it out together.

    Its not that the laptop aint working or anything like that.. But one problem can lead to another.

    In advance thank you!
    Kortprosess, Oct 9, 2009
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