Desktop Window Manager does not save selected solid colour background when Windows restarts

Discussion in 'Sidebar & GUI Customization' started by davejauger, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. davejauger


    Jun 23, 2009
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    I have an HP HDX18-1180ca notebook running Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I have a problem with the desktop window manager not retaining a solid background colour when I restart windows. I have various types of backgrounds such as images, solid and animated. Most times, especially at night I prefer to have a basic solid black background. I change the background to black, all is fine no matter how long my system is running. But when I shut down or restart and windows is booted the background reverts back to a silver/grey background. If I choose any of my animated or image backgrounds they are always retained and will appear as they were before windows was shut down.

    So only the solid black colour is not being retained, does anyone know why this is so?

    Is this an inherent flaw in Vista or do I have a problem elsewhere within my system?

    I would love to have the solid black background remain my default background with the option to change it whenever.

    Is there a fix?
    davejauger, Jun 23, 2009
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