Dell Quickset stopped working or System Restore not working?

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by thundabolt, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. thundabolt


    Jun 23, 2008
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    Note: This is a reference so that it's easier for people searching on Search Engines to find a fix for this Unique and head scratching problem.

    I've recently experience problems with booting aps on my Vista Home Premium 32-bit so I used System restore, and guess what? Dell QuickSet gets messed up! Along with other System Information Displays! I tried System Restoring to what it was back before but it comes up with error "0x800423F3". And so i search for an Answer.

    First I went to Dell Chat 3 times... no use at all... they solution was to 'reinstall' Quickset or 'reinstall' windows, I'm starting to think that thats all they know about troubleshooting programs and anything else; reinstall.

    So i go searching for more answers and "WAW8" posted on this Fourm a Fix and it worked. Not only did it fix System Restore (as it was aimed to do) But it fixed QuickSet Too! Thanks WAW8, you're awsome, I'm so fed up with Dell's services.

    Here is WAW8's post: (3rd one down)

    Let me fix up some steps that may be worded confusingly.

    ~Step4) Rename 'Repository' Folder to 'Repository' (exactly the same) in windows\system32\wbem

    ~Step7)After you type "net stop winmgmt" you'll have to type "Y"(for yes) and enter then you move to step 8.

    This worked wonders for me hope it does for you too.

    FULL Credit goes to "WAW8"!! Thanks :D
    thundabolt, Jun 23, 2008
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  2. thundabolt

    Tahiti Boy

    Aug 13, 2008
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    Hey thundabolt and WAW8,

    A BIG THANK YOU! You guys are great. Thank you for passing on the information. I followed your steps and it fixed my QuickSet and also the message that I was getting from ATI graphics when rebooting. Now my computer is functioning properly.

    I bought my Dell laptop earlier this year from BestBuy.

    I encountered this problem after restoring to an earlier date. I kept getting this messagesaying QuickSet is not running properly and an error from the ATI graphincs card was popping up.

    I called Dell but they wouldn't help me since I bought from BestBuy. Talk about professional after purchase service! Mr. DELL should be ashamed. They should change the name on Dell computers sold to BestBuy to BestBuy computers!

    Then I called BestBuy and they wanted $169.95 to fix the problem but since I live in Tahiti and the Internet connections are slow, I decided to wait until the next time I went to the States.

    I found your answer after Googling my problem and you guys did it! Thanks a million.

    If you ever come down to Tahiti, I'll buy both of you guys a beer!

    Thanks again guys,

    Tahiti Boy, Aug 13, 2008
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