Dell OEM re-install Fail

Discussion in 'Installation & Compatibility' started by FathomDeep, Apr 10, 2009.

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    I've got a Dell 1720 laptop which is now about two years old. It worked well for a year, and then I had hard drive issues. I contacted dell and they sent me a new to me, refurbished hard drive. I should also note that these particular Dell hardrives come with a 10gb partition for the Dell Recovery BS. I formatted this partition and was using it for random storage. All was well.

    This previous week (about a year from new HD) I decide it's time for a reformat as things are running mucky. I also want to remove the 10bg partition which is driving me nuts everytime I open explorer. I download and run gparted from a DVD to do so. While in gparted, I find that my hard drive also has a small 2.5 gb partition to the right of the C drive (what was the recovery portion was to the left). there's also a 31mb partition to the left od the recovery drive (apperantly this is for the media keys, i don't mess wit it) I try to add the 2.5 gb and the 10gb to the C drive, and I get an error messege which I don't remeber. I boot back into windows, wipe out the 2.5gb and add it to the C drive with the control panel manager app. Go back into gparted, and try to add the 10 gb portion to the C drive. It works. Cool, now everything is partitioned as I want it too be, cept there's still that weird 31mb tom foolery, but I'll let it hang, I like my media keys.

    I try to boot into windows, no go, just a black screen with the blinking white line. So moving that partition around clearly screwed my windows install. No biggy, I was ready to roll on the reformat any way. I boot into Darik's Boot and Nuke and blow the crap out of everything. Put in a streamlined windows SP1 install disc I made with vlite from my Dell OEM vista CD, and get ready to rock. Format the HD, and install windows. Windows installs, setup my profile and all that jazz. Because my streamline has SP1 it jumps into that, and installs it right away. This is where the real problems start. Windows won't boot, and gives me a messege about using the repair utility on my windows CD. It gives me an error messege, which I neglect to write down and says something along the lines of "a recent update may have ****ed you in the ***, try using the rpair utlities". The repair utility does not help. It's VERY possible that I messed up creating the streamline, it was my first time using the program, and I finalized an iso, then went back and chnaged it. Screw this. I get out the original Dell OEM CD. Format with that, install it. This time though, I don't even get that far. Everything's peachy after "installing updates" the computer reboots after telling me it's going to, then I get the "preparing to load into windows for the first time" and then it comes back to "completing installtion" and hangs there (note: with the streamline it blasted through this step). Nothing happens. I leave it for about 3 hours. The screen is black the mouse is there, but nothing. I don't even get to the profile creation like I did with the streamline. I reboot, try to load into windows, gives me the "windows was shut down improperly" msg. If I try to boot into safe mode it hangs at crcdsk.sys being the last thing loaded. If I try to run normally, or with last known good config, it just hangs at an eternal loading bar. I've run all the diagnostics on the windows repair portion of the CD and in my BIOS (the option when pressing f12) I haven't done any of the F8 stuff.

    I'm starting to think that this can be solved if I make a streamlined vlite disc without being a retard.

    Just to make it a little tougher though, this weekend I don't have a DVD burner with me, I've effectively nuked the only one I had, so hopefull the solution doesn't involve this.


    Thanks for reading my wall of text. If more specifics are needed, just ask.
    FathomDeep, Apr 10, 2009
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  2. FathomDeep


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Dell does special formatting with their systems, as you have discovered.

    Don't know enough about that to walk you through any Dell-specific restore.

    You would need to contact Dell support for that.
    WAW8, Apr 11, 2009
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