D-Link (Wda-1320) error problem for windows vista.

Discussion in 'Networking & Internet' started by rommeldude1, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. rommeldude1


    Jul 7, 2009
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    ok i rebooted my computer cause it was running slow and when i installed this linksys is perfectly fine but this d-link wda-1320 installation isn't working it always gets that error i tried it 7x and its massively wasting so many Mb, & soinstallshield wizard window appeared and when it gets to the 3rd "Next button" screen & it loads for the desktop icon after when its done on that screenit stops, and when i press the desktop icon on my screen a 2 message pops up

    #1 "The procedure entry point apsCreateMIB could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll."

    #2 "The procedure entry point apsSearchInterface could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll."

    how to fix this problem?
    rommeldude1, Jul 7, 2009
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  2. rommeldude1


    Jan 27, 2007
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    Northern Virginia, USA
    Have you checked the d-link support site? That's generally the first thing to do whenever a piece of hardware won't install or stops working. Their site has a faq which lists problems with this adapter that they claim are fixed with the latest driver. So, Google for their site and read their FAQs.
    WAW8, Jul 10, 2009
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