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Discussion in 'Performance & Tweaks' started by kuhne, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Apr 27, 2008
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    Hello guys, I don't doubt most of you here know much more about vista and computers than I do, it's just that I've been doing some research around the net comparing desktop searching software. mainly Google desktop and Windows vista search.

    I used to use google desktop on XP but like many, I presume, once I switched to vista, found myself not needing google desktop anymore as vista comes with a pretty competent search. along with a sidebar for gadgets, just like google desktop. However, there's one feature google desktop, MAC OS's and I imagine more programs like these have, that vista doesn't and that is the "hide gadgets" shortcut. see in MAC or in Google desktop. if you have your gadgets all over your screen and you want them to dissapear, you just click a button and they dissapear. in Vista this feature is not included... the only way your gadgets dissapear is if you have them on the sidebar and you have to right click with your mouse and point to "close sidebar" and only those gadgets in the sidebar will dissapear, the ones undocked on the screen will keep there and it is kind of annoying. so as far as the gadgets go, Vista still has a long ways to go to compete with google desktop. Still, I use the sidebar in vista instead of google's... because the XM Radio gadget is way, way, WAY better... and it's part of the OS already so I dont need any extra stuff slowing me down.

    Anyways, on to the tips. I am sure all of you knows this already but just in the OFF chance someone here might not know this, I hope I can be of any help.

    Just two things I've come to see while doing research on those two programs, there's two things people complain about the most when it comes to vista desktop search.

    They say Google desktop is better because the search bar comes up with a shortcut key from the keyboard, making it faster than vista (who put it's searchbar on the start menu, which weirded many people out, I guess they feel they have to point and click and then type, where in google they just hit CTRL twice then start typing)

    The other thing they complain about is that google desktop searches for your gmail as well (obviously) while vista's search doesnt...


    I just wanted to tell anyone here who might have any of these issues that there's an easy workaround for any of these two. first of all, Windows desktop search is superior to google in every way possible. its integrated into the system and you CAN just click a shortcut and start typing. that shortcut is no other than the good old windows key nobody ever uses in their keyboard. once you click that key the start menu comes up and you can start typing instantly. if its a file in your computer it will display it in your start menu and then you can just highlight it with the arrow keys.. if what you are typing is a web adress then it will open explorer and go to the website. If what you are typing is a web search. you just type it and press enter on "search the internet" and will search on whatever search engine you have as default in your browser.

    I find it funny many people seem to complain where the searchbox is. the fact that it is right in the start menu makes it even easier to access than google desktop search. if you havent tried this, try it and you will love it.

    on to the second tip.

    If you guys use gmail, there IS a way to search for gmail with windows desktop search. remember google has IMAP, so you can enter your google account into outlook express. Once you do this, outlook will show every folder and email you have in your gmail account just as if you were accessing trough the web. Windows search naturaly searchs for outlook email, therefore, all your gmail will show up. the only difference is that when you try to open it, instead of being in a webpage it will be in outlook.

    So, sorry to be MR Obvious here but if there's at least one guy out there I could help with this and makes him uninstall extra software that's been cloging up his computer and slowing it down. I guess I did some good :)
    kuhne, Apr 27, 2008
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