Computer freezes after startup

Discussion in 'General Technical' started by hatevista, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    I just started having this problem this morning. When I went to turn my computer on the battery was dead which was strange because I put it in hibernation and had about 50% life left. After I turned it on and logged on the computer froze about 2 minutes later. I tried to restart it a couple of times but it kept freezing. Then I booted it in safe mode and scanned it with Malwarebytes but it found nothing. I tried to boot the computer again in safe mode with networking but I couldn't connect to the internet which is also strange because I can use the internet when I start the computer normally before it freezes. I restored my computer to an earlier state but that didn't help. I also tried the Vista "Repair Your Computer" program and had no luck with that either. I have Comodo Firewall and everytime I turned the computer on I would get a popup asking if I wanted Fsynsrvstarter.exe to connect to the internet. Fsynsrvstarter is a HTC Sync program so I uninstalled it but the problem persisted. I uninstalled Spyware Blaster because when I went to Program Files I saw that it was modified at 4:30am, but I wasn't using the computer at that time, so I figured maybe one of files became corrupt. However, that did nothing to solve the problem, so I tried to uninstall Comodo Firewall as well, but nothing. I disabled a couple of things in the startup services but that didn't help either.

    Anyone know what could be causing the problem???

    BTW sorry for the long post.
    hatevista, Jul 15, 2010
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